So news has just broken out that the author of the Jack Reacher series is retiring from writing the novels.  Jack Reacher books are a hit and they are know for selling out fast across the world.  Jack Reacher books started along time ago, the first one can be found here to buy.  CLICK THE LINK

Jack Reacher books are written by Lee Child, who is a brilliant author and has inspired so many other authors to write about a character that is similar to Jack Reacher.  Take James Bond, Jason Bourne even Jack Ryan, they all tend to contain similarities to Jack Reacher.  Jack Reacher books are a exciting read, Jack Reacher books are unique, if you need to read a great book and don’t want to be disappointed, then read a Jack Reacher book.

Now that author Lee Child is retiring, this has come as a huge shock in the writing world but one that can be looked on with fond memories and a great writing legacy that will carry on into the future.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE JACK REACHER NEWS


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Lee Child is going to pass on the writing of Jack Reacher to his brother author Andrew Grant who has also written great thriller books and has a good following in his own right.

It will be interesting to see how the Jack Reacher character develops going forward and how his fans react to the new author’s writing style.

This website is dedicated to the Lee Child book character Jack Reacher and we will still be reviewing books that are similar to the benchmark, in the one man against the world thrillers.

If you like Jack Reacher or want another book like the Lee Child novels then look at my listing HERE.
If you like Jack Reacher or want another book like the Lee Child novels then look at my listing HERE.
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New Book Announcement
Lee Child:
“I love my readers and know they want many, many more Reacher stories in the future. I would love to make that promise, but realistically I’m aging out of being able to keep it. A few more, maybe, but not many, many more. So I have decided to pass the baton to someone who can keep that promise. I chose the best tough-guy writer I have read in years – my brother Andrew Grant. We share the same DNA, the same background, the same upbringing. He’s me, fifteen years ago, full of energy and ideas. He was the first to read Killing Floor all those years ago, and was the world’s first Reacher fan. We’re going to work on the next few together, and then he’ll strike out on his own. I’m excited to read what he comes up with, because I’m betting it will be great. If I’m Reacher, then so is he. Maybe more so. Trust me – this is going to be the real deal.”

Andrew Grant:
“When I first read Killing Floor, I was blown away. Not just by the propulsive writing, or the suspense, or the action. But by Jack Reacher himself. Before I’d even learned his name I thought, I know this guy. I get him.The way his mind worked, the things he did, his moral compass, they all made sense to me. And the more time I spent with him in each new adventure, the more I craved the next. So I know what it’s like to wait for the new Reacher novel. I’ve lived with the anticipation. I understand what Reacher fans want – because I am one. And I’ll do my best to deliver for them. I’ll have to. Because my big brother will be watching…”

The Sentinel, the 25th Jack Reacher novel, by Lee Child and Andrew Child will be published 29th October 2020 in Hardback, Ebook and Audiobook.

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