Its another one of those times whereby I have been bought a birthday book that is slightly outside my normal crime / thriller genre.  I mentioned before (when reading “My Name is Nobody” by Mathew Richardson – SEE REVIEW HERE) that the spy genre has some great books and this new read is certainly one of them.

The plot starts with the main character Kate Henderson, an a MI6 officer, with her team chasing and catching a women who appears to be a highly trained assassin.  It then explains the reason why Kate was chasing her and what the MI6 need from this fugitive to accomplish capturing one of their own high priority targets in Russia.

I read this book very quickly, the author Tom Bradby really sets his main characters up well and also gives you enough information about their personal lives to ensure you understand who they are and why they are in MI6.  The main character Kate is shown as a person who although a spy, is also a mother a wife and a daughter, trying to juggle all these roles whilst keeping ahead of the game is really enjoyable to read.

Why should you read this book?

The main reason why you should read this book is the plot.  Once you start, you begin to realise that all is not what it seems within MI6.  Confidential data is given to the wrong people, politicians are used to portray a certain viewpoint by being threatened, you can never really know who is telling the truth over anything.  Add to this the main plot of the Russians maybe planting or scheduling a person to become prime minister in the UK, we see that there are repercussions for anything that a top MI6 agent does.  Kate has to work with her team (in the hope that her bosses are not corrupt) and solve the mystery whether someone could have been planted by the Russians to become Prime Minister.  We don’t know whether this is true or a way to keep MI6 chasing their tails and take their eye off the main threats to the UK.

Is it like Jack Reacher?

The main character is a women who is slightly like Jack Reacher in that she wants to solve issues and right wrongs within the world.  She is not a loner, someone who has more acceptance within groupings at political dinners and functions rather than hiding in motels and hitchhiking.  The story is very much like a Lee Child novel, we see undercover agents from within MI6 trying to work out who is good or who is looking to destroy the UK.  There are many twists and turns within the plot that made me want to reach the end and work out who was on the good side and not just in this for their own political gain.

There are a number of fight scenes and the usual car chases in this book, the amount no where near what I would like but this didn’t bother me as I knew it was a different type of book and genre.

Should I buy it?

My answer to this would be yes.  I like books that keep me guessing all the way through and have a twist at the end.  I don’t want to give too much away but I also think most of the the plot was realistic, I could imagine Whitehall, the situations and areas around London where the MI5 and MI6 offices are located.

The dilemma of Kate trying to keep teenagers and children looked after whilst looking after her mother and supporting her husband in his work was well thought through.  A big shock at the end of the book made it worth reading in a few sittings and the end was not what I thought it would be.  GET THE BOOK HERE

if you like the book, then buy this film which has a great ending!

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