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I know, I know, I keep banging on about books like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, but seriously right, there are not many books out there that grab your attention from the word go. Not just to grab your attention but also keep it right the way though a book.

On this website, we keep the reviews coming, finding out what are all the good books that our fellow readers would like. We don’t review poor books, books that you struggle to get into, books that waste your time and energy. We only review books that we know you would like, we invite you in to find out which authors are good, which authors are churning our crime/ thriller classics.

With this point in mind, I have found another classic crime thriller book series like Jack Reacher.

Okay Glenford, What have you got for us this time?

At my local Waterstones book shop I scanned some books on the shelf, as you do, desperate to find something that I could get into straight away. I was also conscious that I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned cash on anything but something that I had a bit of a plot and lots of action.

I saw a selection of books by an author named Stephen Leather who seemed to be writing about a character called Dan “Spider” Shepherd. Strange name I know but I looked over the backs of the various book in the series and thought “Come on lets do this”. £7.99 for a book and a happy sales person as well, my day was surely going to turn out well.

Is this book like Jack Reacher?

Now lets get things out in the open, the answer is No. Stephen Leather does write his books slightly different to any Lee Child novel. For starters Dan “Spider” Shepherd is as ex SAS trooper who is now an undercover cop. So already we have a character who is working for the good guys. This does bring up its challenges straight away as “Spider” has constraints on him that people who don’t work for the law do not have. Having said this, with a skill set from the SAS, Spider Shepherd is definitely on par with Jack Reacher in terms of fighting and probably more so with weaponry.

The plots of “Spider” going undercover do make really interesting ready as you sometimes can’t tell who is the good person or who is the bad. You are also curious to see what levels “Spider” will go to keep his life undercover. There are some great personal moments as well with his family and friends who don’t know what he does for a living.

Stephen Leather really keeps you engrossed in the book as he unfolds the plot before you, kind of like us readers have a kinship with “Spider” as we know he is a cop and the other characters do not.

General Synopsis

Spider Shepherd is the hero again as he has to discern whether his boss MI5 Charlie Button has gone rogue. Is his MI6 nemesis Jeremy Willoughby-Brown accurate in the information that is being used to set up Spider in spying on his MI5 boss and friend. I must warn you the ending of this book is HUGE, you will not be able to guess it even whilst you are reading it. For me that was one of the main things I liked about it, action yes, lots of it but I found the plot and the sub-plot so intriguing I couldn’t wait to find what happened to the hero.

Is it worth buying?

Anything on our website is worth buying as I have recommended it. This series is without doubt another great read. I started on the 12th book titled “Black Ops”which you can buy below but I do recommend you start on the first book which is also below to purchase. There are 14 books in the series so far so enough to get your eyes into whilst you are waiting for the latest Jack Reacher novel.

You can read the first chapter here. Let me know what you think in the comments box below.

2 Replies to “Hold up – not another book like Jack Reacher!”

  1. I love to read books. Especially ones with lots of action. I am also a huge fan of mystery. Which it seems from your description. I saw where you said Stephen Leather has a series that is dealing with Dan “Spider”. But I think I missed it what did you same the name of this particular book was? I also seen where you said this series has 14 books that is also a great deal because I hate getting into a book that is part of a series and there is actually only a couple of books. Thank you

    1. Hey Melissa thanks for commenting, the book is called “Black Ops” which is the one I read first.  If you want to start the first in the series then start at “Hard Landing” which you can also get from my page.  Thanks again for looking, Glenford 

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