I have never ever read a James Patterson book. It’s not that I haven’t heard of James Patterson, its just that due to my interest in the Jack Reacher books, I never really looked into this author. If you need to find out about the Jack Reacher series then you need to look at my site HERE.

I saw that there were great reviews on amazon for his books and that he was one of the best-selling authors worldwide. I had seen some of his films adapted from his book like “Kiss the Girls” and “Along came a spider” so I knew that his books were full of suspense and mystery.

How did I end up with a James Patterson book you may ask. Well it was my birthday last week and my wife decided to surprise me with not one but two James Patterson books. She knows I like Jack Reacher and the author Lee Child but knew that I was waiting for the next Lee Child book to be published. You can get the new Lee Child book HERE!

So I wasn’t too impressed with the idea of starting another new author who I didn’t feel was someone I wanted to read. Oh boy how wrong was I !!

This book was a real roller coaster ride. It took me a little while to get into it, partly as I wasn’t reading about a lone action hero and was instead reading about a family who are in deep deep trouble.

What’s so good about “The Store”?

James Patterson is a brilliant author. The book starts with the ending, first person written about a man running away from someone or something that is after him. The person is Mr Brandeis who by all accounts seems like a homeless person who has lost everything. We then go back 9 months before this incident to find out about his family, what led him to this running scared point and who could be after him.

Why is this book so good?

I’ve mentioned on here before that when I get a book that has just been published, if it doesn’t grip me from the first few pages, it is hard to keep reading. This book got me straight away, the first six pages, are incredibly tense and make you want to find out what has happened to lead this poor man into this position. The family dynamics are well-thought-out with the parents dealing with elderly teens and how they have to deal with situations that happened in the area on which they live. Why are people acting so strange in their neighborhood and why does everyone know everything about them. Not to give a spoiler away, the destructive nature of the main character is also brilliantly done, you feel genuinely sad that his life has changed so much and shaped his own world views.

Is James Patterson a good author?

Short answer is “YES”, the face pace nature of the book and the really descriptive setting of plot helps you to join in with the main characters. Add to this the reality that the book is looking at the current world situation in which we are operating within now and raises the question of privacy, consumerism and friendship. I am now a fan of James Patterson, about to start the next book that has been bought for me titled “NYPD RED 5”.  For those people like me who have read many Jack Reacher books, James Patterson is up there with the likes of Lee Child and David Baldacci as very good authors.



If you like books like Jack Reacher then I would say that James Patterson could be the author for you. With his mystery of whom dunnit and the suspense/thriller aspect then you are really onto a winner. I would recommend “The Store” book for a start as it is quite short and you can read it over a weekend.

I am still patiently waiting for the latest Lee Child Novel to be published titled “Past Tense” but in the meantime, these mystery books and maybe some of the best mystery books by James Patterson will keep you occupied for the time in between.


Let me know your thoughts on this and other books that I have reviewed in the comments box.





10 Replies to “Introducing James Patterson”

  1. Very interesting! I have been looking for another good author. I also love very descriptive plot settings so this author sounds very intriguing! I’ll definitely be looking into his books.


    1. Thanks for the comments – I would recommend this book if you like anything that is a thriller and like Lee Child. James Paterson is a master author so you could really get into this book,

      thanks again


  2. I generally read non-fiction books, but this book seems to be quiet interesting due to the suspense part you mentioned. I am very into suspense and comedy. It is worth trying this book I see. Thanx for the review

    1. Hi and thanks again for the comments – if you like suspense books then have a look at the James Patterson books. This latest book is a bit like real life as you could imagine the plot happening in this day and age,

      thanks again


  3. This is a really good review, and I know how hard it is to pick up a new author and start reading. I am kind of the same way. I have read a couple of James Patterson books years ago, and then found different authors to read. Sounds like I need pick up these two books next. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Thank you – I’d go to Tom Wood books next if you like James Patterson. He writes in a brilliant way and really keeps you guessing about the plot until the very end. If you like Jack Reacher then go to the other books in the series but start with Killing Floor first,

      Thanks again


  4. This sounds like a very interesting book. My brother loves this kind of book. I will share this with him. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the comments – I’m so glad you like this idea of this book – if your brother would like to subscribe to the website he can get access to other books on the Jack Reacher series. If he likes Jack Reacher he can then go onto my webpage to find other books in the series,

      Thanks again


  5. I haven’t read anything by James Patterson in a long time. I don’t recall the first one I read now but it may have been Along Came A Spider. But that was before the movie came out too. I have the books in a box in the basement somewhere. I may have to dig them out and see what I do have. I’ve often wanted to revisit his work again, I just haven’t had or made the time. A good review here to persuade me to give him a try again.

    1. Thank you for the comments – if you do get a chance look at the Jack Reacher books as they are so easy to get into and you will not be able to stop reading them. If you like books like Jack Reacher after this then go onto David Baldacci. Thanks again


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