What order should I read the Jack Reacher books?  Are the Jack Reacher books in any order?  How many books are in the Lee Child book series?  These are some of the questions I have been asked over the last few years upon telling people about the character that is Jack Reacher.

I have found that lots of people are asking, what order to read the Jack Reacher books? Now most avid Jack Reacher fans would suggest reading from Book 1 “Killingfloor” to book 22 “Midnight Line”. Most people who are not avid Jack Reacher fans would not know that there are other books in between this selection. These otherwise unknown books really do enhance your understanding of who Jack Reacher truly is.  For some of you who are not familiar with the Jack Reacher book series may be wondering who writes Jack Reacher novels.  Find out below who writes Jack Reacher novels.

Jack Reacher Book order

The order of the Jack Reacher books are as follows:

Killing Floor (1997)

Die Trying (1998)

Tripwire (1999)

The Visitor (2000)

Echo Burning (2001)

Without Fail (2002)

Persuader (2003)

The Enemy (2004) Prequel set eight years before Killing Floor

One Shot (2005)

The Hard Way (2006)

Bad Luck And Trouble (2007)

Nothing To Lose (2008)

Gone Tomorrow (2009)

61 Hours (2010)

Worth Dying For (2010)

The Affair (2011) Prequel set just before Killing Floor

A Wanted Man (2012)

Never Go Back (2013)

Personal (2014)

Make Me (2015)

Night School (2016) Prequel set in 1996 before The Affair.

The Midnight Line (2017)

Past Tense (2018)

Blue Moon (2019)


Lee Child short stories

Fresh Blood 3 (1999) Lee’s story, “James Penney’s New Identity”, features a pre-Killing Floor Jack Reacher.

Like a Charm (2004) Serialized novel; Lee Child wrote Chapter Six: “The Snake Eater by the Numbers”.

The Cocaine Chronicles (2005) Lee’s story: “Ten Keys”.

Greatest Hits (2005) Lee’s story: “The Greatest Trick of All”.

Thriller (2006) Contains an edited version of “James Penney’s New Identity” originally published in Fresh Blood 3.

MWA Presents Death Do Us Part (2006) Lee Child’s story: “Safe Enough”.

Bloodlines: A Horse Racing Anthology (2006) Lee Child’s story: “The .50 Solution”.

The Best British Mysteries IV (2007) Lee Child’s story: “The Greatest Trick of All”.

The Chopin Manuscript (2007) Audio serialized novel; Lee Child wrote Chapter 15.

Killer Year: Stories to Die For (2008) Lee Child edited but did not contribute a story.

Guy Walks Into a Bar (June 7, 2009); prequel to Gone Tomorrow includes Jack Reacher.

Phoenix Noir (2009) Lee Child’s story: “Public Transportation”.

The Copper Bracelet (2009) Audio serialized novel; Lee Child wrote one chapter.

The Line Up (2010) Lee Child gives the inside story on Reacher and his origins.

What other books are from Lee Child like Jack Reacher?

Lee Child also published some short stories that give a back ground to Jack Reacher and also his many adventures from the past. I would seriously buy these short stories as they range from Reacher being younger and in his army days right through to when he left the army. They also give some clues into Reacher’s character and psyche’ why he thinks like he does and respond the way he does.


Competition for Jack Reacher?

It does seem that there are a lot of books out there with a one man hero going around unscathed and righting wrongs in the world. Now I know that you could look at it as since Lee Child has got famous from the Jack Reacher books, everyone has jumped on the band wagon and created similar characters. Well I did some research and after looking through some crime thriller books history, I have to conclude that again, NOTHING IS NEW UNDER THE SUN!

As you can see there are many Jack Reacher books to get stuck into.  I guarantee that you will not be bored once you start on the once one which you can buy here.


One of Lee Child’s influences for the Jack Reacher book series was an author called “John D MacDonald”. John D MacDonald wrote about a character called Travis McGee who has similarities to Jack Reacher in that if you are in trouble and lose something, Travis McGee can get it back for you for a fee!

There are 21 books in the series, and there’s only one of them where anything actually happens on page one. All the other 20, nothing ever happens on page one, nothing happens on page two… but by page three you cannot put it down. The thing that I found about these books that were published in the 60’s was that Travis is very much a hero no mess around type of guy. He looks the part – was in the US army, has few possessions and lives in a house boat. Thick wrists and long arms, 6ft 4″with superb reflexes just like someone else we know.

If you are interested in seeing another slightly older series but just as good as the current Lee Child Jack Reacher books, then look here to buy the first selection of them.  Don’t forget the latest Lee Child novel is available to pre order HERE.

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More Lee Child short stories can be bought HERE .

If you are looking for more Jack Reacher books in order, then see my website post characters like jack reacher

18 Replies to “Jack Reacher Books in Order?”

    1. Thanks for your comments, the best book in the Jack Reacher series is probably bad luck and trouble but then again Killing Floor the first book is also a classic,


      Glenford R

  1. Hey Glenford,

    I found your post very informative and helpful. & I appreciate you expanding my knowledge on the depth of Jack Reacher books. I completely agree with your point about page three being the one that hooks readers. & I had no idea that John D MacDonald’s character Travis McGee had such an influence on the series.

    Thanks for sharing your detailed post & spreading the knowledge on quality reads while also giving some cool info about their origins. Just out of curiosity which would you say is your favorite?


    1. Thanks for the comments, Yes many people don’t know that John D Macdonald is the inspiration for Jack Reacher. If you like Jack Reacher books as well then you must think Bad Luck and Trouble is a great book!

      thanks again

      Glenford R

  2. I’ve been looking to start this series, haven’t started yet due to the sheer number of books in it. Glad to have a list to follow so I know what order to read them in. Thanks!

    1. Great that you like this list, the Jack Reacher books in order is to help people understand which Lee Child Novel they should be reading,

      thanks again

      Glenford R

  3. I’m still very new to the Jack Reacher Series but the fact that there are twenty-one books out not counting short stories shows Lee Child’s commitment to the series. I like the fact Child did write some short stories regarding the character’s background. I’ve actually written an urban fantasy trilogy and did something similar, but instead wrote a few novelettes regarding the world’s background. I think such a strategy that Child undertook here will allow his fans to become even closer to the series’ main character, which of course, turns more one-time readers, or would-be one-time readers, into lifelong fans of this series.

    1. Great that you are into the Jack Reacher book series. If you like books like the Jack Reacher series then have a look at my website for more characters that are like Jack Reacher. Lee Child novels are the best!


      Glenford R

  4. Incredible, it shows that you totally a big fan of his. That’s awesome. Though I don’t know this kind of person but you have educated me on something new, thanks

    1. Yes, I am a big fan of the Jack Reacher series and would recommend reading any of these books if you like thrillers. Have a read and see if you would like to get into this Lee Child book series,


      Glenford R

  5. Hey, I had no idea there were this many books on the series. I watched the movie but I think the books will be a lot better read. Can’t wait to start reading them. Thanks for this post mate.

    1. Thanks for the comments, I try to let people know the whole book series, so if you are wanting a good book series then Jack Reacher is a great charcator to start.

      thanks again

      Glenford R

  6. I know I’ve meant to get into the TV show, but perhaps I should read the books, there’s plenty to get through and will help pass the time on the way to work. Very informative, thanks!

  7. Love this Jack Reacher books in order section, I’ve just started the first book Killing Floor and noticed that there are lots of books in the series – look forward to reading more in the Jack Reacher series,

    1. Thanks for the comments on the Jack Reacher books in order post. Really good to here that you have started the Jack Reacher books, once you have finished then go onto the films as these are fun as well, Look back at my website for more info about the Jack Reacher tv series that is being done soon,

      thanks again

      Glenford R

    1. Thanks for your comments,

      The latest Jack Reacher book Blue Moon is meant to be a good read. I would always start with the first book Killing Floor and work through the other Lee Child novels in order. My favourite book was the one called Bad Luck and Trouble.

      thanks again


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