One of my favourite Jack Reacher books – Special Investigators (BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE)
The team has a great motto: “You do not mess with the special investigators.”

Reacher was CO. “Dixon and Neagley were the only women and Neagley was the only NCO. The others were all officers. O’Donnell and Lowrey were captains and the rest were all majors.

Stan Lowrey
Killed by a drunk driver in Montana.

Calvin Franz (also in THE ENEMY)
Self-employed P.I., Culver City, CA.

Tony Swan (also in THE ENEMY)
Asst. director, corporate security for a SoCal defense manufacturer. 

Manuel Orozco & Jorge Sanchez (Sanchez also appeared in THE ENEMY)
Partners in a Las Vegas security business.

Dave O’Donnell
Washington, DC, P.I. Meticulous, doesn’t mind paperwork.

Karla Dixon
Forensic accountant, New York. 

Frances L. Neagley (also in WITHOUT FAIL, see reference below)

Eileen Ann Hutton (ONE SHOT) Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army

Lieutenant Summer (THE ENEMY)
Lieutenant, Army Military Police

Leon Garber (THE ENEMY)
General, US Army Deceased at age 64 

Susan Duffy (PERSUADER)
Rogue agent, Drug Enforcement Administration

M.E. (Mary Ellen) Froelich (WITHOUT FAIL)
Secret Service Agent, charged with protecting the Vice President
Dated Joe Reacher.

Carmen Greer (ECHO BURNING)

Alice Amanda Aaron (ECHO BURNING)
Graduated Harvard Law School, practicing law at a legal mission in Pecos, Texas, as penance for coming from a wealthy family.

FBI Agent, stationed at Quantico.

Jodie Garber Jacob (TRIPWIRE)
Daughter of General Leon Garber (THE ENEMY)

Holly Johnson (DIE TRYING)
Newly inducted FBI Special Agent, former Wall Street stock analyst.

Officer Roscoe (KILLING FLOOR)
Police Officer

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