I hadn’t read a John Grisham book for a while, so whilst waiting for the latest Jack Reacher book I thought I would delve back into one of my previous favourite authors. I got the book off a family member who had already finished reading it and suggested that I take a look as they knew it might be something I would enjoy.

Once I started to read the book, I did wonder why I had not read any of the John Grisham novels for a while. As with any of the good authors like Lee Child, John Grisham really does create good plots and characters that entice you into the book within a matter of minutes.

Are John Grisham books any good?

I personally think that John Grisham writes some of the best crime thriller books around at the moment. The books have enough mystery and suspense to keep any Jack Reacher fan happy. I remember one of the books that I got for my birthday back in 2013 called the “Litigators”, I couldn’t put it down. Needless to say the family were not happy on when I didn’t really interact with them during the day as my nose was in the book for the whole of my Birthday. If you love legal, mystery books with lots of suspense, you would have to look at this book to start off with.

Back of book

David Zinc has it all: Big firm, big salary, life in the lawyer’s fast lane.

Until the day he snaps and throws it all away.

Leaving the world of corporate law far behind, he talks himself into a new job with Finley & Figg. A self-styled ’boutique’ firm with only two partners, Oscar Finley and Wally Figg are ambulance-chasing street lawyers who hustle nickel-and-dime cases, dreaming of landing the big win.

For all his Harvard Law Degree and five years with Chicago’s top firm, Zinc has never entered a courtroom, never helped a client who really needed a lawyer, never handled a gun.

All that is about to change.

The very clever writing of John Grisham really outlines the smallness of the firm that is portrayed here and the way that they take on a larger firm who are using high class professional lawyers is a great sight to behold. There are elements of the Erin Brokovic movie in this storyline, but the small firm are not “Holy than thou” as they have a few shall we say behind the scenes illegal moments that surprise you.

You can buy in my opinion one of the best crime thriller books that John Grisham has written by clicking HERE.

What about the Whistler book?

I must admit this booked started off well with brilliant characters that you wanted to get to know more about and a great plot situation that seemed like it was really going to grip you in the first few chapters. The book starts with Lacy Stoltz, an investigator for the Florida Board on Judicial Conduct. She is looking into an alleged corrupt judge, which I think has a slight twist in the plot as this is something that isn’t usually investigated. We all expect judges to be clean and true in their role. John Grisham as with all great mystery books, lets us look at a judicial system in a whole different light. Can a judge be corrupt and who does the investigating of a judge? Good questions are asked in this book.

I do think that as the book went on, something happens to one of the main characters, I’m not going to spoil the plot but I do think it really sets the book back in terms of pace and atmosphere. Once this incident happens the whole book sorts of slows down and then comes towards an amicable conclusion.

Would you recommend this book?

There is a great female lead character in this book, who is strong and really sets the tone of book from the out set. If you have cravings for the gap in between the next new Jack Reacher book then I would seriously recommend this book to use as a filler. Even with the plot slowing down at the end, this book is still a great read. Go to my buy the book here page to get this book at a low price.

For those of you that would like to get into the John Grisham series then look here to add some more to the collection.

I also would recommend that you pre order the latest book from Lee Child as it will soon come round for November. Order the latest Jack Reacher book titled “Past Tense” HERE NOW!


I’m going to be slightly controversial here, as I do like the John Grisham books, hopefully I’ve pointed this out to you. The only thing that is missing, for me, is the action man the hard core fights and tension. With a crime thriller book I want to be tense, I want to be surrounded by mystery, I want to route for the underdog and be urging to finish the book as soon as possible.

I can’t say that I do that with many of the John Grisham books, to me they are good reads, nice books, crime thriller, yes in a NICE way. Are they like Jack Reacher novels, not really, very descriptive and fun to read but if you like Jack Reacher and Lee Child then I would go for the Michael Connelly books. The “Lincoln Lawyer” book which was made into a film, is gritty, action packed and still had the legal courtroom drama, if that is what you are after.

So to finish, YES go and look at the John Grisham books as they are good reads, but as a Jack Reacher fan, and I am promoting books like Jack Reacher. Then keep in mind the Micheal Connelly books which are some of the best crime thriller books written ever.
I’ll leave that thought with you for now………

Let me know what you think in the comment box.


6 Replies to “John Grisham Thriller”

  1. Can I just say… I’m a HUGE Jack Reacher fan! To be honest, I haven’t really gotten into John Grisham’s books, and based on your review, I think I’ll keep a lookout for some Michael Connelly. Sounds like his writing will be right up my alley! Thanks for your insightful review ????????

    1. Thanks for the comments – Yes I would try the Michael Connelly books – you could start at the new one currently titled “The Late Show” as this could let you know about his writing style and hopefully interest you as a person who likes Jack Reacher novels,

      thanks again


  2. I really need to get reading some of these books. I need to try out the Jack Reacher ones. I LOVE Thriller / Mystery books and these seem like right up my alley! I love getting the audio versions and listening while I’m doing boring stuff like laundry. 🙂 Thanks for the ideas! Can’t wait to dive in!

    1. Thanks for the comments, great that this site has encouraged you to get into the Jack Reacher series. If you do like Jack Reacher then also try other authors like Tom Wood and Michael Connelly. On this site we will review all mystery and crime thrillers so do subscribe to the site and I’ll get the new reviews out to you first. If you like Lee Child as an author have a look at my post about his ideas for the Jack Reacher novels as well,

      Thanks again


  3. I haven’t read many of these and after reading your post, I’m intrigued! It’s something I may give a try thanks to you. I will be returning to your website for further ideas on what to read and buy 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for the comments and glad that you are intrigued. If you like crime thriller books then you will like Lee Child novels. Once you start to read them and If you like Jack Reacher then also look out for other great authors on my site.

      Thanks again


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