I sometimes switch between a Lee Child book and another of my favourite authors just because they are written at different times of the year. I realised that I had’t read a Stephen Leather book for a whilst as he was my usual “go to”, once I’d finished one of the Jack Reacher books in the Lee Child series. You can see my last review of a Stephen Leather book here and let me know what you think in the comments box. Stephen Leather Book – TAKEDOWN

Last Man Standing – Any Good?

When an author brings in a new younger main character, you get slightly worried, as there are bound to be comparisons to the character that you first started the series with. This new character Matt Standing is absolutely brilliant. Hard SAS soldier who leaves a whirlwind of destruction behind. If he has to sort something out, he will stop at nothing to defend one of his own. Normally I’d wait until the end of a review to explain why you should buy this book but I’ll just say it now, “BUY IT”!!! HERE LAST MAN STANDING 

Good things in this book?

The plot got me straight away as I finished the book within 4 days of reading (mainly at night due to work). I really needed to know what happened to Matt Standing’s best friend and whether Standing was going to survive until the end of the book. The plot starts with Standing on a mission that goes wrong and requires one of his team to put their own life at risk to protect them. Fast forward and Standing gets a call to say that this same team member (Navy Seal) is on the run from the Russians and the FBI as he has killed some bodyguards and members of the government. As with most of the books like Jack Reacher, this has a fast paced plot that feels like a 90 minute film. From page one there isn’t any dull moments, each page gripping you until the abrupt conclusion. Is Matt’s friend a killer and if so what has made him this way?

Why is this book like Jack Reacher novels?

A one man army who ventures both through the UK and USA creating a storm of deaths behind him. This sounds a lot like Jack Reacher who is known to do the same in the famous Lee Child book series. Matt Standing has a special nack of being in any combat situation and keeping calm, seeing the story play out in front of him and taking the initiative. Whether that is biting someones ear off, shooting someone point bank in the head, he feels like if it gets the job done then he will do it. When you realise he is up against some big players as in the Russian spetsnaz (Russian SAS) and the super rich who can track you at any moment as money is no expense, Matt has to find unconventional ways to try to survive. If you like Jack Reacher earlier books, you will really enjoy the rough raw fight scenes, the gritty dialogue and the character development that takes place along the way between the lead character and an old friend from the SAS called Spider Shepherd who was the original main character that author Stephen Leather started with. 

Is this book better than Lee Child Jack Reacher Books?

I must admit this book is very good, Stephen Leather is a brilliant author and has created a really interesting character in Matt Standing. There are lots of similarities to Jack Reacher in that Standing can look after himself, hates the sense of injustice, investigative and can leave a trail of destruction. He is also very confident in his abilities which is what Jack Reacher portrays when he is up against it. I would say that it is better than some Jack Reacher books, not all of them but up there with some earlier Lee Child novels due to the rough feel of the fights and dialogue.

If you are interested in this book then BUY IT HERE, then please leave me a comment below.

6 Replies to “Last Man Standing by Stephen Leather”

  1. First off, the cover art caught my attention immediately. I can definitely tell Last Man Standing is going to have some thriller elements in it. I do want to take a further look at the work, as I’m currently writing a book series myself in the urban fantasy mold, and am looking to, well, introduce a newer, younger main character in my next work, so to read a book that involves such similarities will give me an idea on how to best present the character.

    1. thanks for the comments, yes this book is a really good crime thriller just like Jack Reacher. If you do read this book I’m sure this will get you into the Stephen Shepherd novels that Stephen Leather writes. Lee Child books and David Baldacci books are always worth a look if you want to broaden your horizon in reading.

      Thanks again

      Glenford R

  2. Hey Glenford,
    I enjoyed your book review On Last Man Standing. I’ve never read a Jack Reacher novel; however, I did see the second Jack Reacher movie with Tom Cruise about a year ago. Reacher is one very gritty character who beats the bad guys up when necessary while accomplishing his mission. In your review of Last Man Standing, the Matt Standing character very much reminds me of the Reacher character. Efficient, and brutal when required. I really liked your link that took you right to Amazon.uk as smooth as silk to buy the book. I wish you much success in your book review marketing. All the best, Brian (Colorado, USA).

    1. Thank you for the comments. Yes if you like the Jack Reacher Character from the film then the Matt Standing character will be a great fit for you. If you do like these books then do try the Jack Reacher book series as this will be a great way to learn about the Lee Child novels.

      thanks Glenford

    1. Thanks for the comments, do have a look through any books that you might like to read in the future, if you like Jack Reacher films, you will love the Jack Reacher books as well.

      I only review good books and this site can provide the best reviews for you,



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