I must admit I was a little cautious, worried even, about this new Jack Reacher book. Lee Child partnering with Andrew Child to take Jack Reacher in a new direction. If I’m being totally honest the last few Jack Reacher books have been, shall we say a little underwhelming. My first thought was that maybe Jack Reacher had run its course, had I grown out of them or even got fed up with the same type of plot and character.

I left purchasing this book until Christmas, which is very unusual for me as I normally get the Jack Reacher novels on the day that they are released. I didn’t look at any reviews or check to see social media thoughts, I wanted this to be like the first time I picked up my first ever Jack Reacher, Lee Child book. The first time I read “Bad luck and trouble” SEE LINK HERE FOR THIS BOOK REVIEW.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was face paced, a new type of plot and I didn’t guess what was going to happen at the end. Jack Reacher was back. The old character of the Killing Floor first novel was back. The raw hard no emotion guardian is back in this book.

What about fight scenes?

You want fight scenes, yeah we do, this is what Jack Reacher is about. We have them aplenty here, from the local bars to the assassins that Jack gets in the way of. The difference with these fight scenes is that they are brutal, no more just snapping a knee tendons, this book the knee cap and tendons will come right off!

What about the plot?

Well Jack Reacher is minding his own business (as usual) he notices some guy being followed by a gang, professional hitmen. Jack intervenes, then realises he is in a lot bigger plot that he bargained for as the person he has saved is hated by the community. As the plot unfolds you are always trying to work out the guy Jack has saved is hated and why a professional team is trying to kill him or kidnap him. This detective work and character driven book really helps with the plot as Jack has to work with some other people, all the while the loner in him wanting to leave the town and be on his way.

Why should I buy this Jack Reacher Book?

There should never be just one reason to buy a Jack Reacher book in my humble opinion. This book is raw, its fast paced (I read it within a few days), the plot is different from other Jack Reacher novels and the Jack Reacher character is brutal but also we get to see another side as he has to work with people who he does’t know. The partnership between Andrew Child and Lee Child seems like a good one, a slightly different writing style but with a modern Reacher who has started to have to be up to date with the new age of technology. It has brought Reacher to a new audience which I think will be a big hit going into the future.

Where can I buy the new Jack Reacher book?

The book can be bought by clicking the link here.

Click the image to purchase

If you have read the book, please leave your comments in the box below, we would love to hear how you felt about this book and any recommendations for the future.

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