November is the date, remember the month NOVEMBER 2018 people.  “What’s happening in November” you may ask.  For some people its probably of no significance but to me and over 100 million others, it is the date of the the new Lee Child book.  For the people who read the latest Jack Reacher novels, this November date can’t come round quick enough.  Once you have binged on the latest Lee Child book, you are already searching google frantically to find the date of the next new Lee Child novel.

Whats happening?

Well we know the new Lee Child book is going to be called “Past Tense” and will be the Jack Reacher book number 23.  We have seen the front cover and we are excited beyond belief, the classic front cover with the sentance “We all need Jack Reacher”, he will be back soon!

You can read an exerpt of the book here on the official Lee Child website, I will leave it to you to have a read and see what you think.

Would really appreciate what your thoughts are on the book, Reacher again randomly drifting round, then stumbling into a place he recognises as his father’s, delving into the history of his father, no record of the surname Reacher back at his father’s ancestral home. Cue lots of interagation, fights against people who don’t want him to know the truth and maybe a team up with someone from the past.  Yes this could be a brilliant crime/thriller read and one that could propell this new Lee Child book character back to where he belongs – number 1.

Pre order the book here on amazon.

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