Introducing Evan Smoak and author Gregg Hurwitz

It was one of those days, you know, you’ve had them before. You’ve finished your latest book series after the Christmas period, you’ve had a short gap of not reading anything for a couple of weeks. Then the cravings start hitting, I NEED to read a decent book, especially at night before bed, something to look forward to as the nights get dark so quickly.

The next day, into the bookshop I go, I have a quick flick through the usual authors I know of, nope nothing new there, I spot a few others on the discount shelf (always looking for a bargain), nope nothing there worthy of attention. Then I have a quick “click and check” of some books, you know the method, check the back of a book, google the title and see what some reviews say. This is such a painful process as I only have 30 minutes lunch break and I HAVE to do this method currently as there are not many websites like www.bookslikejackreacher.co.uk which help you quickly find something that is decent.

After 20 minutes of my lunch break gone, I stumble upon an author called “Greg Hurwitz”. I thought, I recognise that surname from a book I’d bought before, which I thought was okay when I had read it. The book in front of me was titled “Orphan X” and to be honest looked okay but the main thing that I noticed on the front of the book was a quote from LEE CHILD stating that the book was “Outstanding in every way”

What happened next?

Yes you guessed it, I went and bought the book. It was quite funny though, as when I got home I realised that the author who I thought sounded the same, was in fact someone else entirely called Anthony Horowitz and the book was called “Trigger Mortis” which you could BUY HERE!

“Oh no” I thought had it all gone wrong, got the wrong author, perhaps read the wrong reviews, it’s probably not a book like Jack Reacher surely. Have I wasted my hard-earned cash??

Go on tell us….

I was greatly surprised to find out that this book is one of the best books like Jack Reacher out there currently. I’ve been introduced to a totally refreshing character named “Evan Smoak” who like Jack Reacher is a loner but again has an amazing set of skills to combat the bad guys. The plot is brilliant, Evan Smoak is a person who senses great victory in helping people who are in danger. He does this by leaving people that he has saved from harm with a phone number that they can pass onto anyone (only one) person they meet who is also in desperate need.

What I love about this plot is that you sense something bad is going to happen all the way through, it’s much too easy for Evan to go through life and not have any harm come his way. What would be the point in that, him helping people and strolling around, no one wants to read this. As you read more about his background, you realise that not all is as it seems and Evan is in great, great danger.

Is this as good as a Lee Child book?

As with all comparisons, it is hard to compare the two characters Jack Reacher and Evan Smoak. I can only say that for me, Evan Smoak is like a younger brother to Jack Reacher. He can handle himself, has the usual eye for detail and investigative skills, the main difference is that he is up to date with the latest technology to aid him. Evan has such an amazing set of skills from, knowing all the time if something is wrong in a situation to checking online databases and hacking into various systems to help him in the search for people.

Greg Hurwitz has created a great character who interacts with other people in his apartment block, and again, the detail that goes into painting the picture about the protection Evan has installed into his own apartment is incredible.

Final thoughts

I included Evan Smoak in my characters in books like jack reacher as he is such a brilliant read and hero that I think people who read Lee Child novels will absolutely love. He always seems to be out of danger and then the plot is flipped so that you can’t see a way out for him. I really do like the idea of the interaction of a man made human weapon, engaging with the public in his apartment block. These scenes really give a sense of the caring side of an assassin and it does help the reader to relate to the story a lot more.

I say buy this book now, you will not be disappointed at all!

Let me know what you think, when you have read the book in the comments below.


Introducing a new author – Tom Wood

On my last post where I was totally and utterly shocked and surprised to find a book that might have just surpassed Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character. I decided to keep going with this series.  I kept on buying the “Tom Wood” books and storing them up to read and review thoroughly,  this Victor assassin series.  I was slighty anxious as I had read “A Time To Die” (the more recent book in the series) and had reviewed that on this website.  I didn’t want to feel that this first book in the series would be a let down or not on par with the more recent books in the series.

What just happened?

I went straight into the bookshop and bought the first book of the series titled “The Hunter”. Now I was starting to think, “Oh no” have I rushed with the rave reviews on my website and put the recommendations out too early for people to buy “A Timetp Die”. Yes “A Time to Die” is one of the best crime thriller books that I have read, perhaps debatable, but in my humble opinion its better than all the books in the Lee Child series.

Okay, What about “The Hunter” Book?

Well the back of the book says:

His name is a cover

He has no home

And he kills for a living

Victor is a hit man, a man with no past and no surname. His world is one of paranoia and obsessive attention to detail; his morality lies either dead or dying. No one knows what truly motivates the hunter. No one gets close enough to ask.

When a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, pursued by a kill squad and investigated by secret services from more than one country. With meticulous style, Victor plans his escape . . . and takes the fight to his would-be killers.

In this first novel in the explosive Victor series, it’s not about right and wrong – only about who lives and who dies.

There you go, great back of the book synopsis, surely this is something that you, like me thought “Yes, this seems like it could be a good book”. After two chapters of reading “The Hunter” I was quietly smiling to myself, trying desperately to find negatives as I was reading but at the same time just agreeing that this was going to be another mighty fine read.

General idea

To try and understand the plot without spoiling it for people, I as a previous Jean Claude Van Damme fan (apologies I was a teen martial arts fan) there was one stand out film that this book brought back to my memory. The film was called “HARD TARGET” (BUY HERE) and was basically Van Damme, accidentally entering into a game where the hunter became the hunted. To be honest the film now looks a little dated and probably has “B” rated action, the plot though is really rather excellent. Specialist baddies, chasing after Van Damme who uses his ex army skills to defend himself and fight back. This is what Victor the assassin does in this book like Jack Reacher, being chased by deadly hardened trained teams who go up against him, with the intent to kill.

Tell us the good

I defy anyone to read this book and not finish it within a week! Bold statement I know and I am being deadly serious.  The amazing pace, the twists and turns, the locations, all lead to a dramatic ending which leaves you just absolutely exhausted. We get to understand Victor, strange morals, thinking for himself, he really is about self-preservation. Even with all this going on, men reading this book will want to be him, cool in situations, always thinking ahead of the game, paranoid and observant, a cross between Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne. Perhaps the ultimate assassin you would say in some ways.


Okay you’ve convinced me

The reason this book is just like Jack Reacher is that again the author Tom Wood writes with such detail that you really feel like you are in the scenes. Jack Reacher isn’t exactly a hero and he does have strange morals, which relates slightly to Victor. For some reason you are routing for Victor even though he isn’t one of the good guys in a typical sense.  You are practically willing him to get through to the end of the book.  Even when everything is stacked against him and he is against some serious opposition, you are never sure he is going to make it.

I love the way that Victor even with all the skills in the world can still look and sound vulnerable. To me this is realistic, with so many enemies, so many tight situations that he has to think in an unconventional way to escape or not get killed.  With this high el meant of danger and the sublime pace of this plot, I do put this book firmly up there with a high score like the best Lee Child, Jack Reacher novels.


Let me know what you think? Have I got the review right, is he as good as Jack Reacher? Leave comments below.






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Like Jack Reacher – Welcome Harry Bosch

At www.bookslikejackreacher.co.uk we review characters that are like Jack Reacher. Not just in appearance but also in personality, mentality or character. I found a great character that although slightly different to Jack Reacher, this character is someone who I would recommend due to the story lines he is involved with and the detective skill set that he possesses.

Harry Bosch is the main man

The character I am referring to is Harry Bosch from the well-known author Michael Connelly. Michael Connelly is a massive name amongst the genre of crime thriller books and someone who you can rely on for a good read in your spare time. The first book I read of Michael Connelly’s was The SCARECROW, and boy what a book it was. The general premise was that main character Jack McEvoy has to track down a serial killer who is known as the “scarecrow” which we start to realise why he is called this name, later in the book.

One of the fascinating things with this book was the in depth research that Michael Connelly had done in providing us details of the FBI, the accessing of digital storage for large companies and also how he details all the facts of a court case. One of the reasons that Michael Connnelly is such as descriptive writer is due him being a police crime reporter earlier in his career. This previous role really helps him create the chaos and confinement that you feel when reading his books. Like a lot of Lee Child books, the background descriptions of landscapes and people, keep you fully attentive whilst reading.

What about Harry Bosch?

I finished the “Scarecrow” book and thought, you know what, I’m going to look out for another book from this author. I chose the book “THE BRASS VERDICT”, partly because from reading the back of the book it looked like something that could be a Hollywood film.

Back of the book content

Things are finally looking up for defense attorney Mickey Haller. After two years of wrong turns, Haller is ready to go back to the courtroom. When Hollywood lawyer Jerry Vincent is murdered, Haller inherits his biggest case yet: the defense of Walter Elliott, a prominent studio executive accused of murdering his wife and her lover. But as Haller prepares for the case that could launch him into the big time, he learns that Vincent’s killer may be coming for him next.

Enter LAPD Detective Harry Bosch. Determined to find Vincent’s killer, he is not opposed to using Haller as bait. But as danger mounts and the stakes rise, these two loners realize their only choice is to work together.

As you can see, just this premise of a lawyer getting a break and then having to rely on an LAPD detective to assist with the case really intrigued me. As the book started off with a lawyer called Mickey Haller (who later became more well-known in the LINCOLN LAWYER film), I started to warm more to Harry Bosch. A worn, older veteran of the LAPD, kind of old school detective with vast experience, lots of hard cases which he has solved on his own.

Not to spoil the plot but you see elements of Jack Reacher in the way that he works the case and starts to pick holes in the investigation. A lot of the action is less fighting, with a lot more gun shots and threats with the odd street fight thrown in for good measure.

Other books like Jack Reacher?

After reading “The Scarecrow”, I went straight to my local Waterstones bookshop and bought this book “THE BLACK BOX”, I absolutely loved it. The book goes back to an old case that hasn’t been solved and then Harry Bosch goes back to try to dig it up again and see if he can get any new evidence. The speed of this book is remarkable, you do actually end up flying through it, wanting to know who committed the crime and how Harry will solve it.

Back of the book content

In a case that spans 20 years, Harry Bosch links the bullet from a recent crime to a file from 1992, the killing of a young female photojournalist during the L.A. riots. Harry originally investigated the murder, but it was then handed off to the Riot Crimes Task Force and never solved. Now Bosch’s ballistics match indicates that her death was not random violence, but something more personal, and connected to a deeper intrigue.

Like an investigator combing through the wreckage after a plane crash, Bosch searches for the “black box,” the one piece of evidence that will pull the case together. Riveting and relentlessly paced, The Black Box leads Harry Bosch into one of his most fraught and perilous cases.

What’s next?

For new readers to the series, its exciting as there are lots of Harry Bosch books out there. Here they are in order for you to buy:

The Black Echo (1992)

The Black Ice (1993)

The Concrete Blonde (1994)

The Last Coyote (1995)

Trunk Music (1997)

Angels Flight (1999)

A Darkness More Than Night (2001)

City Of Bones (2002)

Lost Light (2003)

The Narrows (2004) (sequel to The Poet)

The Closers (2005)

Echo Park (2006)

The Overlook (2007)

Nine Dragons (2009) (also featuring Mickey Haller)

The Drop (2011)

The Black Box (2012)

The Burning Room (2014)

The Crossing (2015)

The Wrong Side Of Goodbye (2016)

Two Kinds Of Truth (2017)

Dark Sacred Night (coming October 2018)


I recommend reading any of the Harry Bosch books as they are so cleverly written, you may think that you know what is about to happen when reading them, then the plot twists right round to another outcome entirely. Don’t forget you can buy the books on kindle as well if you like reading them on your tablet or phone.

Even the location of where Harry Bosch lives is so finely described you can actually imagine the road, the sun and the freeway in the distance. Sitting in your armchair on the veranda, sun slowing setting, beer in hand watching the world play out before you.

If you feel like this is a good series, like Jack Reacher novels, that you could get into then see the link below to purchase from amazon. There is also the Harry Bosch TV series which is HERE TO BUY.

Let me know how you get on in the comments box below.






My 5 best Jack Reacher books.

For all new and old readers of the Lee Child Jack Reacher series, I wanted to get your feedback. The Lee Child novels have been spanning 21 years now. Yes that’s right 21 years, talk about longevity in a series of books. It got me thinking, out of all the 22 books so far that I have read, which one is my favourite?

To even look at this question, I sadly had to go back through and read some earlier Jack Reacher novels as I couldn’t quite remember the plot lines. I’ve heard this happens when people get older so please forgive me!

So here is my list, in no particular order maybe, let me know your thoughts on whether you think I’m right.

Jack Reacher favourite books Number 1


I’m going to try not to spoil it for you by divulging the plot lines but this book is very special. It was the first time I thought of Reacher being human, someone who could get wounded and hurt. In previous Jack Reacher books I have always found that somehow he would stay alive, here I wasn’t so sure.

Back of the book content

He spends his days digging swimming pools by hand and his nights as the bouncer in the local strip club in the Florida Keys.

He doesn’t want to be found.

But someone has sent a private detective to seek him out. Then Reacher finds the guy beaten to death with his fingertips sliced off. It’s time to head north and work out who is trying to find him and why.

You can buy the book here





Jack Reacher favourite books Number 2

Bad Luck and Trouble

As I mentioned in my previous post about this book here, this book has fond memories for me so will always be one of my favourites. This coupled with the team that Jack Reacher has to look after and the loyalty shown, it really is a masterpiece of Lee Child proportions. I love the way as you are reading this book, you are really willing Reacher to find justice for his old team and somehow figure it all out.

Back of the book content

He is as close to untraceable as a person can get. A loner comfortable in his anonymity and solitude. So when a member of his old army unit finds a way to contact him, he knows this has to be serious.

Buy the book here

Jack Reacher favourite books Number 3

61 Hours and Worth dying for

Now this is slightly controversial as I have two books here at number 3. Just let me explain, these two books go hand in hand as one ends quite abruptly with a cliff hanger and then the other starts where the first book left off. So this as you can see means that these two books are one book but in two parts. Clever Lee Child I hear you say and yes you would be right. Jack Reacher gets himself in a right pickle in this book, the descriptive words used and the description of the landscapes are breath taking and really do create a distinct feel to these two books.

Back of the book content

61 Hours – Icy winter in South Dakota. A bus skids and crashes in a gathering storm. On the back seat: Jack Reacher, hitching a ride to nowhere. A life without baggage has many advantages. And disadvantages too, like facing the arctic cold without a coat.
Worth dying for – There’s deadly trouble in the wilds of Nebraska…. and Reacher walks right into it. He falls foul of the Duncans, a local clan that has terrified an entire county into submission. But it’s the unsolved case of a missing 8 year old girl, already decades old that Reacher can’t let go.

Buy the book 61 hours here and Worth dying for here

Jack Reacher favourite books Number 4

Gone Tomorrow

I must have read the first chapter of this book a few times as it is so descriptive and speaks right into the paranoia that is around currently in society. Reacher deciding in his mind through training if the person sitting opposite him on the train is a suicide bomber. Classic suspense and drama, Reacher against lots and lots of bad guys, so much suspense, and humor make this one of the Lee Child novels I will always remember.

Back of the book content

Suicide bombers are easy to spot.

They give out all kinds of tell-tale signs. There are twelve things to look for. No one who has worked in law enforcement will ever forget them.

New York City. The subway, two o’clock in the morning.

Jack Reacher studies his fellow passengers. Four are OK. The fifth isn’t.

The train brakes for Grand Central Station.

Buy the book here

Jack Reacher favourite books Number 5


This has to be on my top 10 for me as it is based across Europe for a change! When I was reading this book, it took me back to the classic James Bond story lines when I was around 10 years old and watching someone (guy called Jaws) try to get Bond (Roger Moore). Needless to say there is some great fight scenes, one against a “Giant type character”, mastery weapon descriptions and it also made me forget the Never go Back Jack Reacher novel, which to me wasn’t on par with the rest in the series.

Back of the book content

Jack Reacher walks alone. Once a go-to hard man in the US military police, now he’s a drifter of no fixed abode. But the army tracks him down. Because someone has taken a long-range shot at the French president.

Only one man could have done it. And Reacher is the one man who can find him.

This new heartstopping, nailbiting book in Lee Child’s number-one bestselling series takes Reacher across the Atlantic to Paris – and then to London. The stakes have never been higher – because this time, it’s personal.

Buy the book here

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So there you have it, my list and subject to change in the future. Let me know what you think in the comments below.








Was Tom Cruise the right person to play Jack Reacher?

Hopefully by now you have watched at least one of the Jack Reacher films either at the cinema or on DVD. I watched both films at the cinema and to be honest I was slightly concerned that the big screen films wouldn’t be anywhere near the same feel as the Lee Child Novels.

I was pleasantly surprised with the first movie as the subject matter of a sniper killing people and Jack trying to solve who the murderer was had enough suspense to keep you interested even after reading the book.

The main debate……

The issue that won’t go away with the Jack Reacher novels is the fact that Tom Cruise has been cast as the main character. For me when I first heard this I thought that it was a joke as when you read the books, Jack Reacher is approximately 6ft 5″ and 250 pounds in weight. So Jack Reacher is a big bloke, capable of taking on 5 people or more in a fist fight, someone who is noticed and in books described as a powerful force. When I think of Tom Cruise I didn’t think he would match up to this character, in height and weight also with the intimidating nature of Jack Reacher.

There have been a lot of complaints by avid Jack Reacher readers alike and non Reacher fans moaning that casting someone like Tom Cruise has made the franchise less appealing. The very fact that many avid readers have now got an ideal picture in their heads about who Jack Reacher should be does create a problem for Lee Child.

What were the options?

There were a few different actors who could have played the role of Jack Reacher, some who maybe in my opinion could have provided the look or fit that many readers wanted. The main question for me though would have been even thought they look the part, can they act like Reacher.

Top of my list would be Hugh Jackman, he has the height can beef up and can act as well. I think after seeing him in the new Logan film made me realise he could easily have been the Jack Reacher we wanted. Have a look at the film and you can see elements of Jack Reacher as the aging Wolverine. Buy it here.

Dywane Johnson is the new up and coming action movie star. After making a career in WWE he is now a credible actor. He obviously has the physical presence of Jack Reacher, my only concern would be his acting as most of his films he portrays comical characters.
Liam Neeson is a well known actor who has been in so many different films, currently working in a lot of films that have the who done it feel. For me Liam is slightly too old physically to play Jack Reacher but could easily play and aging Jack Reacher towards the end of the series. He is also able to fight and look convincing doing it.





I must admit, Tom Cruise was not the actor for me, not just due to the size or physical presence that he brings. The main issue for me was that he is involved in so many other films franchises, one of them being Mission Impossible as Ethan Hunt and this can get you really confused as to who he is playing when you watch the Jack Reacher movie. If, it was someone else who hasn’t got this franchise then you would probably be more forgiving of mismatch in physicality.

The one thing that Tom Cruise does bring to the role however if pure Hollywood star quality. This could be the physical force that Lee Child was after, someone who on the big screen takes Jack Reacher into a whole other market that other people who have never heard of the Lee Child book series can get hooked into.

I think it came down to yes I can get someone to look like Tom Cruise and Yes someone who is physically imposing, but for Lee Child he probably wanted someone who could act. As an actor Tom Cruise is outstanding and hopefully we will see a third film which in reality brings Jack Reacher to a bigger audience with Mr Cruise being in it.

Let me known what you think, is Tom Cruise the right or wrong person, comments below.


Lee Child – Jack Reacher Book 21 – Night School

If like me you have read through all the Jack Reacher books you may have got to book number 20 titled “Make Me” and thought, “yes, that was good, probably stop now Lee Child”.

I mean Reacher is getting older and what more can we expect from him.  As a fan I didn’t really want to see Jack Reacher not fighting or remenissing about previous plots and conquests.

I guess I was wrong to even suggest that Lee Child should stop writing about Jack Reacher, as we now have book number 21 titled “Night School”



If you are reading the books backwards in the wrong order, from the author Lee Child book list, then can I please say politely “STOP”.  In my humble opinion, you need to start at book 1 “Killing Floor” and take a look at the Blog “the Jack Reacher books reading order” on my site to get the best out of them.

Right firstly lets get down to the good stuff.

Night School is it the real deal, is it up to the normal standards?

Okay lots of questions and thoughts about this book so here we go.  Lee Child is obviously an exceptional writer, his fast pace scene setting and the selective descriptions he uses really capture your imagination and makes you feel that you are in the story itself. As normal this book is so easy to read due to Lee Child’s unique writing style. Going back to Reacher’s early days is also a clever aspect of this book as it has endless possibilities for further “spin off” books in the future and gives you a look at a younger Reacher before he left the army.

For me, even though these aspects would normally enhance the reading experience of a Lee Child novel, this time it seemed to give me a slightly different feel as I progressed through the story. Maybe Lee Child is a victim of his own success as I don’t recall any previous “Reacher” books whereby I really struggled to get to grips with it right until the end.

I had to keep really putting the work in to read this book and try and get excited about what I was reading.  Again it could be a bit like the Star Wars Last Jedi film whereby I already had an opinion of what was going to happen.  Upon reading the book or seeing the Star Wars last Jedi film, it just didn’t fit into my idea of what I thought was going to happen.  This doesn’t mean to say its a bad thing, just that I prefer the continuity of characters through a series rather than changing things just because!

The main plot of Night School, revolves around an undercover agent overhearing a request for 100 million from middle eastern contacts but no one knows what this request is for. Reacher teams up with an FBI agent and a CIA agent to solve the mystery but this really doesn’t work as their isn’t much communication between the two agents during the book. Reacher goes off and teams up with Neagley to solve the mystery but during this part of the story, there is a lot of chopping and changing between characters that you kind of get the impression that the book has been written for movie/film scenes in the future.

An example of this would be Reacher chatting through plans in a hotel then stepping out to fight some undercover officers. This type of thing happens throughout the book which slowly becomes boring as there doesn’t seem to be any need for the fight scenes like in previous books.

The ending is really not a massive highlight either as most of the books in the series usually are, this leads me to think maybe the main plot from the start just wasn’t a good enough subject to get the average Reacher fan excited.


Overall I think the book would in my eyes a much higher rating if you were new to the Jack Reacher series and had just started reading the Lee Child novels. As a Reacher fan, for me it would probably be the worst of the series due to the incoherent writing and the switching between the scenes.

I’d love to hear your comments on this book so let me know if you agree or disagree with me.  Night School can be bought here



Hold up – not another book like Jack Reacher!

Books like Lee Child

I know, I know, I keep banging on about books like Lee Child’s Jack Reacher, but seriously right, there are not many books out there that grab your attention from the word go. Not just to grab your attention but also keep it right the way though a book.

On this website www.bookslikejackreacher.co.uk, we keep the reviews coming, finding out what are all the good books that our fellow readers would like. We don’t review poor books, books that you struggle to get into, books that waste your time and energy. We only review books that we know you would like, we invite you in to find out which authors are good, which authors are churning our crime/ thriller classics.

With this point in mind, I have found another classic crime thriller book series like Jack Reacher.

Okay Glenford, What have you got for us this time?

At my local Waterstones book shop I scanned some books on the shelf, as you do, desperate to find something that I could get into straight away. I was also conscious that I didn’t want to spend my hard-earned cash on anything but something that I had a bit of a plot and lots of action.

I saw a selection of books by an author named Stephen Leather who seemed to be writing about a character called Dan “Spider” Shepherd. Strange name I know but I looked over the backs of the various book in the series and thought “Come on lets do this”. £7.99 for a book and a happy sales person as well, my day was surely going to turn out well.

Is this book like Jack Reacher?

Now lets get things out in the open, the answer is No. Stephen Leather does write his books slightly different to any Lee Child novel. For starters Dan “Spider” Shepherd is as ex SAS trooper who is now an undercover cop. So already we have a character who is working for the good guys. This does bring up its challenges straight away as “Spider” has constraints on him that people who don’t work for the law do not have. Having said this, with a skill set from the SAS, Spider Shepherd is definitely on par with Jack Reacher in terms of fighting and probably more so with weaponry.

The plots of “Spider” going undercover do make really interesting ready as you sometimes can’t tell who is the good person or who is the bad. You are also curious to see what levels “Spider” will go to keep his life undercover. There are some great personal moments as well with his family and friends who don’t know what he does for a living.

Stephen Leather really keeps you engrossed in the book as he unfolds the plot before you, kind of like us readers have a kinship with “Spider” as we know he is a cop and the other characters do not.

General Synopsis

Spider Shepherd is the hero again as he has to discern whether his boss MI5 Charlie Button has gone rogue. Is his MI6 nemesis Jeremy Willoughby-Brown accurate in the information that is being used to set up Spider in spying on his MI5 boss and friend. I must warn you the ending of this book is HUGE, you will not be able to guess it even whilst you are reading it. For me that was one of the main things I liked about it, action yes, lots of it but I found the plot and the sub-plot so intriguing I couldn’t wait to find what happened to the hero.

Is it worth buying?

Anything on our www.bookslikejackreacher.co.uk website is worth buying as I have recommended it. This series is without doubt another great read. I started on the 12th book titled “Black Ops”which you can buy below but I do recommend you start on the first book which is also below to purchase. There are 14 books in the series so far so enough to get your eyes into whilst you are waiting for the latest Jack Reacher novel.

You can read the first chapter here. Let me know what you think in the comments box below.


New Lee Child Book

November is the date, remember the month NOVEMBER 2018 people.  “What’s happening in November” you may ask.  For some people its probably of no significance but to me and over 100 million others, it is the date of the the new Lee Child book.  For the people who read the latest Jack Reacher novels, this November date can’t come round quick enough.  Once you have binged on the latest Lee Child book, you are already searching google frantically to find the date of the next new Lee Child novel.

Whats happening?

Well we know the new Lee Child book is going to be called “Past Tense” and will be the Jack Reacher book number 23.  We have seen the front cover and we are excited beyond belief, the classic front cover with the sentance “We all need Jack Reacher”, he will be back soon!

You can read an exerpt of the book here on the official Lee Child website, I will leave it to you to have a read and see what you think.

Would really appreciate what your thoughts are on the book, Reacher again randomly drifting round, then stumbling into a place he recognises as his father’s, delving into the history of his father, no record of the surname Reacher back at his father’s ancestral home. Cue lots of interagation, fights against people who don’t want him to know the truth and maybe a team up with someone from the past.  Yes this could be a brilliant crime/thriller read and one that could propell this new Lee Child book character back to where he belongs – number 1.

Pre order the book here on amazon.


Lee Child Novel Rival – Latest book like Jack Reacher!

I think I have done it. I didn’t know if it was possible. I have finally found a crime thriller book with a fictional character that maybe as good as Jack Reacher. I say maybe as I’m scared. I’m scared that (whispers) it may be a little better. “No” I hear you cry, “shut up”, “stop talking rubbish”, I’m sorry so so sorry but listen up, there could be every possibility that I could be right. After finishing the latest Lee Child novel, I went away on holiday and bought a book to take with me. I had scanned the web (painful) to find anything that could be good and find it I did!

Did you say “Like Jack Reacher”

In our previous post we looked at the books you should read, if you love the Jack Reacher Series. Well, we have found a new series of novels by author Tom Wood which are going to be added to this list. The main character is an assassin known as Victor. A cool, calm and collected person who is a master of his craft. He is again a loner, doesn’t trust anyone and is paid to kill people that have been order to be hit. He operates using a typical skill set of counter surveillance and plastic surgery to make sure he is not known, just in case he is spotted in a CCTV camera. This latest book has Victor working for the British and also being targeted at the same time by bad guys who would do anything to stop him.

Good things in this book?

One of the first things in this book like Jack Reacher is the way that Victor isn’t your typical hero. He like to fight for the underdog as per Reacher, but this is not really a priority for him. He is selfish, really making sure he doesn’t die is his main priority, he will kill anyone if the circumstances dictate. In this book we see how vulnerable he is, as the group who are trying to kill him are every bit as good as he is. This requires Victor to really think at least two steps ahead of them and plan every single move that he makes.

Why is this book like Jack Reacher novels?

The author Tom Wood writes really descriptive plots and provides lots of detail which is just like Lee Child. When you start to read the book you really do immerse yourself into the story line and are left wanting Victor to survive even though in reality he is not a good guy. The fight sequences are absolutely amazing, from bullets through arms to biting off noses (literally), you can imagine every punch, kick and block happening right in front of you. Like Jack Reacher, Victor gets injured, has to think on his feet when things go wrong, always gets the girl and has a sense of justice to his work.

What is the book and where can I get it?


The book I took on holiday that got me into the series is called “A Time to Die” and can be bought on this site see bottom of page. This book is number 6 in the series and there are currently 7 Tom Wood books with another one on the way in July 2018.

Is this book better than Lee Child Jack Reacher Books?

I must admit, I read this book in 1 day on holiday. I was so intrigued to see if Victor would survive and who was actually trying to kill him. Even though Victor is slick, wears expensive clothing but still looks like an average guy, he seemed to have a much more raw character which is what Jack Reacher was like in the earlier series of Lee Child novels. Time will tell if Victor can continue to have the success of Lee Child books but from what I have read over the series so far he is on course to compete.

I can honestly say that the author Tom Wood has really hit the mark with his novels, I now rate him highly as someone who in between Lee Child writing a new Jack Reacher book and me reading the latest Jack Reacher book, I can slot the new Tom Wood book in between.

Buy it here!