Stephen Leather – Takedown book review

Wow, just started reading this new book from Stephen Leather and already I’m hooked….

This time no Spider Shepherd but long term ally Lex Harper. This book is so far gritty, engaging and the plot is amazing. A British Special Forces operative goes rogue! Queue lots of action, double crossing, twists and turns plus lots of fights.

Just like Lee Child books where you start one page at 11pm, look again at the clock and its 1am and you have read 5 chapters. You just want to know whats going to happen after every page turned.

Books like Jack Reacher recommend this book


When a British Special Forces soldier goes rogue, carrying out an attack at a US army base in Syria leading to the death of two men, ex-MI5 controller Charlotte Button is hired to work out what his plan is and to take him down before he can carry it out.

Charlotte puts her best man on the case – hitman Lex Harper. It’s up to Lex to assemble a crack team and get to the soldier before he carries out what could be a massive terrorist attack. But Charlotte might require Lex’s help with a more personal problem too . . .

As ex-MI5, Charlotte holds information on thousands of the agency’s dirty operations, and keeps a store of those secrets in three flash drives hidden in separate safety deposit vaults. Now someone is taking extraordinary measures to recover the secrets through Hatton Garden-style robberies. So far two vaults have been raided, and two flash drives have gone. If the third is stolen, Charlotte’s life will be in jeopardy. While it’s down to Lex to prevent a potential terrorist attack on British soil, Charlotte must work out who is after her and what they want.

Just to update, finished the book and wow, loved it.  Really different style to Spider Shepherd as Lex Harper hasn’t got the same moral character but he gets the  job done more efficiently.  Would definitely read this if you have finished the last Lee Child book and are waiting for the latest Jack Reacher book.


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David Baldacci – The Fix book review

Jack Reacher Alternatives

Looking for a brilliant book like Lee Child?  Then look no further than this good read by well known author by David Baldacci.

The book titled “The Fix” is brilliant, even though I had lots of work on, I read this book within a week. The book really does draw you in with each page,  the main character is so intriguing that you are never sure how the plot is going to play out.

From the first few pages where a murder happens in front of both the FBI headquarters and main character Amos Decker, right until the end we wanted to know why, why, why and who, who, who!!

Like Jack Reacher – Amos Decker

Amos Decker is a complex character as we discussed on the previous post, he is always thinking ahead of the situation that he is in but also find himself quite disturbed due to his medical condition.  Not quite a male hero character who beats the bad guys physically, more of a geek who can look after himself, but will outwit anyone he comes up against.

Like Jack Reacher, Amos has a problem solving mind, such a great skill set when trying to solve murders.  How he solves this crime with all the twists and turns you wouldn’t even expect, make this book such a brilliant read.

We recommend this book for all who like Jack Reacher – Score 9/10.  BUY IT HERE!