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Jack Reacher Books in Order

These books reviewed are also Jack Reacher alternatives.

I’ve spent a year reading and rereading the Jack Reacher series. I’ve loved every book that Lee Child has written and reviewed them on my website. This has given me the opportunity to check out other books that are like Jack Reacher, other books that have a powerful character lead. These books are real page turners, these books are seriously addictive and these books will leave you wanting more.

My list is based upon the following:

Is the main character like Jack Reacher?

Does the plot of the book grip you straight away?

Are there anymore books in the series that will keep you going throughout the year?

Number 5

Will Robie – Author – David Baldacci

Just like all Jack Reacher books, Amazing hit man who you would want on your side in any battle. Great book series that involves other characters’ and brings out main characters’ history.

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Best Book in the series – THE TARGET – 9.3/10

Number 4

Carter Blake – Author – Mason Cross

Brilliant character who finds people who don’t want to be found. The books have amazing plots that keep you guessing all the way through.

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Best Book in the series – PRESUMED DEAD – 9.3/10

Number 3

John Puller – Author – David Baldacci

Physically strong character – combat veteran military. Various plots which include aspects of John’s family. The books have strong plots that are really creative and usually feel like film topics.

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Best Book in the series – THE ESCAPE – 9.4/10

Number 2

Evan Smoak – Author – Gregg Hurwitz

Unusual character – ordinary guy with an amazing hidden skill set – Helping people less fortunate with plots that are really varied.

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Best Book in the series – HELLBENT – 9.4/10

Number 1

Victor – Author – Tom Wood

Ruthless assassin – paranoid and emotionless – intriguing plots, gritty fight scenes and tension built through the books

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Best Book in the series – KILL FOR ME – 9.7/10

Other characters to mention are JOE BECK by Author Alastair Brown and JOE REZNICK by Author JB Turner. They may make the list in the future but just miss out due to the top writing of the authors in the top 5. If you like books like Jack Reacher, these are the books to buy.



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