Jack Reacher – The Top 5 Characters similar to Jack The Reacher

As a Jack Reacher fan I have listed the books you need to read if you love the Lee Child novels:

  1. Victor the Assassin SEE REVIEW HERE
  3. The Gray ManSEE REVIEW HERE
  4. John Puller SEE THE REVIEW HERE
  5. Carter BlakeSEE THE REVIEW HERE
  8. Spider ShepherdSEE THE REVIEW HERE

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Victor the Assassin
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John Puller
Amos Decker
Court Gentry

Jack Reacher books are a joy to read. We finish them, with a certain amount of sadness knowing that there will be another years wait until the author, Lee Child releases the next book in the Jack Reacher series.

I have found a way to deal with this sadness and decided to help you! Instead of waiting a full year until the next Lee Child novel, what about checking out these 4 new Jack Reacher type characters that could actually, potentially steal the Reacher number 1 position in years to come.

If you like Jack Reacher, you will love these books, I can guarantee it.


To start you need a good scoring system to rank the Jack Reacher type characters.

I have ranked the characters on the following:

1) My Books Like Jack Reacher website review. If the books good, then it’s been reviewed on my site. Higher ranking books that have been reviewed, then the higher the Jack Reacher type character. See my book reviews here.

2) Any character like Jack Reacher has to have a certain type of physicality – are they able to handle themselves against any enemy?

3) Weaponry – Can the main Jack Reacher type character use a variety of weapons to do their job and escape danger?

4) Character – Jack Reacher is a loner, calm in danger, someone who operates on their own. Can the new Jack Reacher type of character handle the heat, have they got an ice cool demeanor in any impossible situation.

5) Plot – Jack Reacher books are written to grab your attention from the first page so that you start to read the Jack Reacher books in order. This score is decided by the first few pages, am I gripped from page one or do I want to throw the book in the bin straight away!

6) The Book ending – This is really important for me. Do you care about the Jack Reacher type character and do you want me to read the next novel in the series straight away? As with all Jack Reacher books, you want to start straight away on the next book.

These are the 6 score factors to decide which are the new characters that are like Jack Reacher.

NUMBER 1 Character like Jack Reacher:




1) Books Like Jack Reacher website review – 9.7/10

2) Physicality – 9.5/10

3) Weaponry – 9.6/10

4) Character – 9.0/10

5) Plot – 9.0/10

6) The Book ending – 9.7/10


Victor is ranked at number 1 on our site as the last book titled “Kill For ME” was so good. The best character like jack Reacher so far. Two of the classic highlights in the book series amongst many, were the biting off an enemies’ ear, letting a baddie use a shard of glass to slice through the side of his own face so that he could escape.

If you want to start at the beginning of this book series that is like Jack Reacher then see my review HERE.

NUMBER 2 on the list




1) Books Like Jack Reacher website review – 9.2/10

2) Physicality – 9.6/10

3) Weaponry – 9.8/10

4) Character – 9.3/10

5) Plot – 9.3/10

6) The Book ending – 9.2/10


Court Gentry is ranked at number 2 on our site as this “Gray Man” series just seems to get better and better. I would go as far as saying he is close to the top and one of the closest to being the best character like jack Reacher. Classic highlights in the book series amongst many, Court getting captured and then tortured, for any person reading it – wow its intense. Court taking out a whole army of soldiers and rescuing his best mate who is caught by a bomb explosion.

If you want to start at the beginning of this book series that is like Jack Reacher then see my review HERE.

NUMBER 3 on the list




1) Books Like Jack Reacher website review – 9.4/10

2) Physicality – 8.9/10

3) Weaponry – 9.3/10

4) Character – 9.7/10

5) Plot – 9.5/10

6) The Book ending – 9.5/10


Evan Smoak is ranked at number 3 on our site as this “Nowhere Man” series is absolutely fantastic. Evan is an average character who is a trained assassin but is using his skills to help people and find out why he was made into a killer.

Classic highlights in the book series amongst many, Evan looking to assassinate the President of America who he thinks is behind the plot to terminate him. The Nowhere Man’s apartment layout, like the bat cave but in a normal housing apartment.

If you want to start at the beginning of this book series that is like Jack Reacher then see my review HERE.

NUMBER 4 on the list




1) Books Like Jack Reacher website review – 9.4/10

2) Physicality – 9.8/10

3) Weaponry – 9.1/10

4) Character – 9.8/10

5) Plot – 9.2/10

6) The Book ending – 8.9/10


John Puller is a huge bloke, so similar physically to Jack Reacher so he has to enter our top 5 list of characters like Jack Reacher. David Baldacci is an accomplished writer and sets brilliant scenes for his main character, he also develops the main character really well throughout the series.

Classic highlights in the book series amongst many, Puller trying to solve the mystery of who killed his father. Jack Reacher style suspense as Puller is investigating a family murder whilst beating up weird townsfolk.

If you want to start at the beginning of this book series that is like Jack Reacher then see my review HERE.  So there it is, my top books like Jack Reacher.

If you are still looking for the latest Jack Reacher book, then look here as you can see the books in order HERE and the lastest Jack Reacher book to order HERE

Jack The Reacher – the best books like Jack Reacher on our website – we review so you don’t have to waste time trying to find a book like Jack The Reacher.

Orphan X – Books like Jack Reacher

I happened to chance upon buying this first Gregg Hurwitz book titled “Orphan X” in my local book store.  Lee Child, the author of the famous Jack Reacher books had left a review on the back page saying the book is outstanding in every way.

If you would like a recap on my initial reviews have a look here ORPHAN X review.

The new Orphan X is available to buy today, see below for other books in the series.  There are now lots of books like Jack Reacher and Lee Child novels.  More and more characters are entering the crime thriller genre with a one man hero, I’ve read a lot of them, some I must admit haven’t made it to my website as I only review good books.  The best characters like Jack Reacher can be found here, it just saves you the hassle of buying a poorly written crime thriller book that is supposed to be like Jack Reacher!

The new Gregg Hurwitz book

The lastest installment in the Orphan X series is titled “Out of the Dark”.  Now judging by my latest reviews, you know I’m a fan of this main character.  Evan Smoak, a hero who seems like the average guy but underneath the average veneer is a killer trained for action.  Evan is a bit like the old Equalizer figure Edward Woodward (remember that tv series) You can buy it here 

After Evan saves someone, he tells that person to give his phone number to another one who needs his special services. He’s a ghost, with justice always on his mind.  If you like Jack Reacher you will love the writing style of Gregg Hurwitz.  A bit like Lee Child in the way that he adds more and more to the main character, explaining why they think the way they do, some slight defects in their character that makes them the way they are.

Is the book any good?

The plot for the latest book goes for the jugular, the President of the United States .  The President has a secret to hide and Orphan X is linked to that secret.  All the Orphans in the Orphan X programme are being wiped out and now Evan decides its time to sort out the leader of this programme once and for all.

What is exciting about this book is the way that this is possibly the hardest task Evan has had to face.  How do you eliminate the most defended person in the planet who has the most power in the world.  Evan also has the small matter of the “Nowhere Man” phone which has someone ready to call when they need help.

I love the way we have our hero also trying to keep and portray a normal life outside of this mission.  Trying to keep in contact with friends in his apartment block and a romance with a neighbour from previous books.  This is where it get slightly different to the Jack Reacher books as Jack never really has much interaction with the same people, he is more of a drifter through society whereas Evan is in a fixed location, in a fortified apartment room with his own intelligence office.

What is good about this book?

Lee Child and Gregg Hurwitz are both great authors, Gregg’s character Evan Smoak really gets you sucked into the book on the first page.  The president is also desperate as he has to rely on another trained Orphan to wipe out Evan so that no one finds out his secret.  The fight scenes are again special, all the skills and gun fights on display for us all to see.  We have great link ups with Evan and a previous enemy Orphan from another book.  There is a really sensitivity with Evan and the person in distress who calls the Nowhere man phone number.  It really feels like this plot is going to be too much for our hero and without spoiling the plot we know he is going to need some help from elsewhere!  I like this idea, Jack Reacher is his own man, a force of nature who deals with things on his own terms, Evan is the same but even though he doesn’t trust anyone, he knows that at some point he is going to need help.

What about Gregg Hurwitz?

For me Lee Child is one of the best writers of crime thrillers along with Micheal Connelly and now Gregg Hurwitz.  The detail, the scene setting, the fight descriptions, the weaponary and the plot endings are superb.  I can’t recommend this series enough,  if you like Jack Reacher books, then you will love the Orphan X series.  I would always advise people to start with the first book Orphan X, this book will get you into who Orphan X is and why Evan wants to stay hidden.  My warning to everyone who starts is to be prepared for late nights, some “NO WAY” moments and maybe some sadness once the you have finished the series.

Also by Gregg Hurwitz – Orphan X series.

Here are the books both UK and US options, buy direct by clicking the picture and let me know what you think in the comments below.


The Sentinel – Latest Jack Reacher Book Review

I must admit I was a little cautious, worried even, about this new Jack Reacher book. Lee Child partnering with Andrew Child to take Jack Reacher in a new direction. If I’m being totally honest the last few Jack Reacher books have been, shall we say a little underwhelming. My first thought was that maybe Jack Reacher had run its course, had I grown out of them or even got fed up with the same type of plot and character.

I left purchasing this book until Christmas, which is very unusual for me as I normally get the Jack Reacher novels on the day that they are released. I didn’t look at any reviews or check to see social media thoughts, I wanted this to be like the first time I picked up my first ever Jack Reacher, Lee Child book. The first time I read “Bad luck and trouble” SEE LINK HERE FOR THIS BOOK REVIEW.

I was pleasantly surprised. It was face paced, a new type of plot and I didn’t guess what was going to happen at the end. Jack Reacher was back. The old character of the Killing Floor first novel was back. The raw hard no emotion guardian is back in this book.

What about fight scenes?

You want fight scenes, yeah we do, this is what Jack Reacher is about. We have them aplenty here, from the local bars to the assassins that Jack gets in the way of. The difference with these fight scenes is that they are brutal, no more just snapping a knee tendons, this book the knee cap and tendons will come right off!

What about the plot?

Well Jack Reacher is minding his own business (as usual) he notices some guy being followed by a gang, professional hitmen. Jack intervenes, then realises he is in a lot bigger plot that he bargained for as the person he has saved is hated by the community. As the plot unfolds you are always trying to work out the guy Jack has saved is hated and why a professional team is trying to kill him or kidnap him. This detective work and character driven book really helps with the plot as Jack has to work with some other people, all the while the loner in him wanting to leave the town and be on his way.

Why should I buy this Jack Reacher Book?

There should never be just one reason to buy a Jack Reacher book in my humble opinion. This book is raw, its fast paced (I read it within a few days), the plot is different from other Jack Reacher novels and the Jack Reacher character is brutal but also we get to see another side as he has to work with people who he does’t know. The partnership between Andrew Child and Lee Child seems like a good one, a slightly different writing style but with a modern Reacher who has started to have to be up to date with the new age of technology. It has brought Reacher to a new audience which I think will be a big hit going into the future.

Where can I buy the new Jack Reacher book?

The book can be bought by clicking the link here.

Click the image to purchase

If you have read the book, please leave your comments in the box below, we would love to hear how you felt about this book and any recommendations for the future.


Lastest Lee Child and Andrew Child Book

We have just started to read the latest Jack Reacher book and we are blown away. The new partnership between Lee Child and Andrew Child has meant that Reacher is back in a big way. Back to his earlier book style – no more Mr Nice guy, you play bad, Reacher will get you out of there.

Full review coming soon but we are definitely recommending this book as Reacher in this book is just like Reacher in the Killing Floor which you can buy here.


If this book is one you love, leave us some comments in the box below – here are the details for Lee Child’s next novel which has a brilliant title, Better off Dead!


New Tom Wood Novel

A Knock at the door – Book Review

I was waiting patiently for the latest Victor novel from author Tom Wood as we didn’t see anything in 2019. 2020 I thought was the year for a new book like Jack Reacher, Victor was going to be the main crime character for the year. (If you are not sure who Victor is, then please have a look here)

Alas all was not how 2020 was panning out – first author Tom Wood said Victor would not be back to 2021, then he announced a new book totally different from his series. A Knock at the door is a stand alone book by Tom Woods’ other new name T.W.Ellis. The main character is a lady who is suffering from depression/anxiety.

Is the Book any good?

The novel starts off like a movie – the main characters husbands goes off on a business trip, she says goodbye and then a few minutes later there is a knock at the door. The main character presumes this is the husband again who has forgotten something before his trip. When she opens the door she is surprised to see two FBI agents staring back at her.

This one act of answering the door takes our main character on a journey / labyrinth into a series of events that leave you feeling sorry for her. Can she make it out of this world alive?

I read this book in a couple of days as I wanted to see what was going to happen, each chapter had a fast pace to it and twist. Like Jack Reacher books, Tom Wood really introduces the background characters well, so that you get to know them which enhances your grasp of the plot. Tom also creates the landscape well so you can picture what is happening in the scenes.

The main character is a million miles away from the Victor character we know from Tom Woods previous books. This character is nervy, second guessing and in reality a wreck whereas Victor is the calm, cool calculated guy, who plans ahead. Like Jack Reacher, plans are in place well before the actual events infold. Here though, Tom Wood has created a main character that is flying by the seat of her pants, trying to get through each hour and each day if she can. Add into this the anxiety and emotional state she lives with, you can really sense the angst as you read through the novel.

I found it fun reading this book and the twists throughout the chapters kept you guessing all the way through. Not like any Jack Reacher novel or any of the Victor series but something totally different which I think Tom Wood wanted to do.

I’m not going to give away any plot details but just to let you know the ending is not quite what you think, so I would definitely recommend this book.

If you like Jack Reacher books then look at our website here for more brilliant crime novels.

Click on the link below to buy the book.


Jack Reacher is BACK!


The Sentinel by Lee Child and Andrew Child is the twenty-fifth addition to the bestselling Jack Reacher series. Lee and his younger brother Andrew have joined forces to give the action-packed series an exciting new refresh.

Jack Reacher gets off a bus in Nashville, Tennessee, in a quest for food, lodging and some good country music. But when he encounters a band of musicians who have been cheated by an unscrupulous bar owner, he steps in to help…

Read on for an extract from The Sentinel by Lee Child and Andrew Child!

The Sentinel
Lee Child and Andrew Child


Rusty Rutherford emerged from his apartment on a Monday morning, exactly one week after he got fired.
        He spent the first few days after the axe fell with his blinds drawn, working through his stockpile of frozen pizzas and waiting for the phone to ring. Significant weaknesses, the dismissal letter said. Profound failure of leadershipBasic and fundamental errors. It was unbelievable. It was… a mistake. Plain and simple. Which meant it was certain to be corrected. And soon.
        The hours crawled past. His personal email silted up with nothing more than spam. And his phone stayed silent.
        He resisted for another full day, then grabbed his old laptop and powered it up. He didn’t own a gun or a knife. He didn’t know how to rappel from a helicopter or parachute from a plane. But still, someone had to pay. Maybe his real-life enemies were going to get away with it. This time. But not the villains in the video games a developer buddy had sent him. He had shied away from playing them, before. The violence felt too extreme. Too unnecessary. It didn’t feel that way anymore. His days of showing mercy were over. Unless…
        His phone stayed silent.
        Twenty-four hours later he had a slew of new high scores and a mild case of dehydration, but not much else had changed. He closed the computer and slumped back on his couch. He stayed there for the best part of another day, picking at random from a stack of Blurays he didn’t remember buying and silently begging the universe to send him back to work. He would be different, he swore. Easier to get along with. More patient. Diplomatic. Empathetic, even. He would buy doughnuts for everyone in the office. Twice a month. Three times, if that would seal the deal…
        His phone stayed silent.
        He didn’t often drink, but what else was there to do? The credits began to roll at the end of another disc. He couldn’t stomach another movie so he retreated to the kitchen. Retrieved an unopened bottle of Jim Beam from the back of a cabinet. Returned to the living room and put a scratchy old Elmore James LP on the turntable.
        He wound up asleep, face down on the floor, after… he wasn’t sure how long. All he knew was that when he woke up his head felt like it was crammed full of rocks, shifting and grinding as if they were trying to burst out of his skull. He thought the pain would never end. But when his hangover did finally pass, he found himself experiencing a new emotion. Defiance. He was an innocent man, after all. None of the bad things that had happened in the town were his fault. That was for damn sure. He was the one who’d foreseen them. Who’d warned his boss about them. Time after time. In public and in private. And who’d been ignored. Time after time. So after seven days holed up alone, Rutherford decided it was time to show his face. To tell his side of the story. To anyone who would listen.
        He took a shower and dug some clothes out of his closet. Chinos and a polo shirt. Brand new. Sombre colours, with logos, to show he meant business. Then he retrieved his shoes from the opposite corners of the hallway where he’d flung them. Scooped up his keys and sunglasses from the bookcase by the door. Stepped out into the corridor. Rode down in the elevator, alone. Crossed the lobby. Pushed through the heavy revolving door and paused on the sidewalk. The mid-morning sun felt like a blast furnace and its sudden heat drew beads of sweat from his forehead and armpits. He felt a flutter of panic. Guilty people sweat. He’d read that somewhere, and the one thing he was desperate to avoid was looking guilty. He glanced around, convinced that everyone would be staring at him, then forced himself to move. He picked up the pace, feeling more conspicuous than if he’d been walking down the street naked. But the truth was that most of the people he passed didn’t even notice he was there.
        In fact, only two of them paid him any attention at all.


The same time Rusty Rutherford was coming out of his apartment, Jack Reacher was breaking into a bar. He was in Nashville, Tennessee, seventy-five miles north and east of Rutherford’s sleepy little town, and he was searching for the solution to a problem. It was a practical matter, primarily. A question of physics. And biology. Specifically, how to suspend a guy from a ceiling without causing too much permanent damage. To the ceiling, at least. He was less concerned about the guy.
        The ceiling belonged to the bar. And the bar belonged to the guy. Reacher had first set foot in the place two days earlier. On Saturday. Almost Sunday, because it was close to midnight by the time he got into town. His journey had not gone well. The first bus he rode caught fire and its replacement got wedged under a low bridge after its driver took a wrong turn twenty miles out. Reacher was stiff from the prolonged sitting when he eventually climbed out at the Greyhound station, so he moved away to the side, near the smokers’ pen, and took a few minutes to stretch the soreness out of his muscles and joints. He stood there, half hidden in the shadows, while the rest of the passengers milled around and talked and did things with their phones and reclaimed their luggage and gradually drifted away.
        Reacher stayed where he was. He was in no hurry. He’d arrived later than expected, but that was no major problem. He had no appointments to keep. No meetings to attend. No one was waiting for him, getting worried or getting mad. He’d planned to find a place to stay for the night. A diner, for some food. And a bar where he could hear some good music. He should still be able to do all those things. He’d maybe have to switch the order around. Maybe combine a couple of activities. But he’d live. And with some hotels, the kind Reacher preferred, it can work to show up late. Especially if you’re paying cash.

If you like Jack Reacher then have a look through our website as we review all the books that are similar to Jack Reacher.  This latest collaboration is exciting to see how the new Jack Reacher character changes.  Lee Child is an exceptional writer who along with Andrew Child will no doubt bring a new classic book.  Books like Jack Reacher will be keeping an eye on how these new novels pan out.



Evan Smoak the new Jack Reacher

Gregg Hurwitz is back – the author of the NoWhere Man series, the best assassin Evan Smoak is Orphan X.

Jack Reacher books are reviewed on my site here – if you don’t know anything about Jack Reacher – CLICK HERE.  If you want to find out about the books I review – CLICK HERE.

Great Reviews here and I guarantee a brilliant read – see my other orphan X reviews here as they are a great place to start in this series,  If you like Jack Reacher, If you like Lee Child, If you like Gray Man then get this book now.


Author Lee Child Retiring!!!

So news has just broken out that the author of the Jack Reacher series is retiring from writing the novels.  Jack Reacher books are a hit and they are know for selling out fast across the world.  Jack Reacher books started along time ago, the first one can be found here to buy.  CLICK THE LINK

Jack Reacher books are written by Lee Child, who is a brilliant author and has inspired so many other authors to write about a character that is similar to Jack Reacher.  Take James Bond, Jason Bourne even Jack Ryan, they all tend to contain similarities to Jack Reacher.  Jack Reacher books are a exciting read, Jack Reacher books are unique, if you need to read a great book and don’t want to be disappointed, then read a Jack Reacher book.

Now that author Lee Child is retiring, this has come as a huge shock in the writing world but one that can be looked on with fond memories and a great writing legacy that will carry on into the future.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE JACK REACHER NEWS


click to buy

Lee Child is going to pass on the writing of Jack Reacher to his brother author Andrew Grant who has also written great thriller books and has a good following in his own right.

It will be interesting to see how the Jack Reacher character develops going forward and how his fans react to the new author’s writing style.

This website is dedicated to the Lee Child book character Jack Reacher and we will still be reviewing books that are similar to the benchmark, in the one man against the world thrillers.

If you like Jack Reacher or want another book like the Lee Child novels then look at my listing HERE.
If you like Jack Reacher or want another book like the Lee Child novels then look at my listing HERE.
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New Book Announcement
Lee Child:
“I love my readers and know they want many, many more Reacher stories in the future. I would love to make that promise, but realistically I’m aging out of being able to keep it. A few more, maybe, but not many, many more. So I have decided to pass the baton to someone who can keep that promise. I chose the best tough-guy writer I have read in years – my brother Andrew Grant. We share the same DNA, the same background, the same upbringing. He’s me, fifteen years ago, full of energy and ideas. He was the first to read Killing Floor all those years ago, and was the world’s first Reacher fan. We’re going to work on the next few together, and then he’ll strike out on his own. I’m excited to read what he comes up with, because I’m betting it will be great. If I’m Reacher, then so is he. Maybe more so. Trust me – this is going to be the real deal.”

Andrew Grant:
“When I first read Killing Floor, I was blown away. Not just by the propulsive writing, or the suspense, or the action. But by Jack Reacher himself. Before I’d even learned his name I thought, I know this guy. I get him.The way his mind worked, the things he did, his moral compass, they all made sense to me. And the more time I spent with him in each new adventure, the more I craved the next. So I know what it’s like to wait for the new Reacher novel. I’ve lived with the anticipation. I understand what Reacher fans want – because I am one. And I’ll do my best to deliver for them. I’ll have to. Because my big brother will be watching…”

The Sentinel, the 25th Jack Reacher novel, by Lee Child and Andrew Child will be published 29th October 2020 in Hardback, Ebook and Audiobook.


BLUE MOON – Latest Jack Reacher Book

I’ve read lots and lots of Jack Reacher reviews for this latest Lee Child novel.  I must say most were positive, fans seemed to like the new direction that Jack Reacher was moving into.  Some people though, were still feeling bored of this once exciting book series.  If you like Jack Reacher then start at the first book titled Killing Floor which you can purchase HERE!

The First Jack Reacher Book in the series.

What is BLUE MOON like?

So you are interested in the new Jack Reacher or like me an avid Reacher fan, is the latest Lee Child Book any good?  Well to start with, I have to say, you have to get this latest Jack Reacher book.  Lee Child is a brilliant author whose writing style is unique, his detailed landscapes, brilliant characters and Jack Reacher character will no doubt pull you into the book.  I was looking forward to this book as I thought the premise was slightly different to previous books.  For a start the main plot is in a fictional town which normally Lee Child writes about a place that exists.  Reacher is wandering on buses and noticing, as he always does, noticing things that seem slightly out of the ordinary.

This is where Blue Moon starts, Jack Reacher unsure of a persons motives, so follows them, an old guy who is about to be mugged.  This leads Jack into a whole world of trouble with loan sharks, gang rivalry between Ukrainians and Albanians plus trying to save a family and locals in danger.  Can Jack Reacher survive the complex town or will he survive to fight another day.

Latest Jack Reacher Book

Any good bits?

For those that were slightly disappointed in the last few books in the Lee Child series with the action and fighting down to a bare minimum.  You will not be disappointed, from page 5 onwards Jack Reacher is a killing machine.  He is more brash and bold in this book, he doesn’t seem to want to analyse situations as much and is much happier to go all out against any opposition.  The Body count is high, the fight scenes are brutal and the bad guys are larger than life.  I don’t remember a Jack Reacher book as violent and action filled as this one, which if you like vigilante thriller films like Hitman and Commando then you will love this book.

Hitman Film Series
Commando Action Film


If you like Jack Reacher then get this book, if you are not sure about the Lee Child novels then take my word for it, this book is a great read and you will not be disappointed.  The author Lee Child is a special writer and his Jack Reacher novels are all worth reading, some are better then others but that is always going to happen when you are on your 24th book.  Action a plenty, good storyline and a clever ending will mean you will be like me, waiting for book number 25.



For those who are new to this Lee Child Book series then have a look at my other books like Jack Reacher here.  I only review good books so have a look and see what you may like to get into.  MORE BOOKS LIKE JACK REACHER HERE


Tyson Fury new Book

I decided to read a biography which fits into my love of sport, one of which is Boxing.  I was bought the book ” Behind the Mask” by boxer Tyson Fury.  For those who don’t know, Tyson Fury was the undisputed boxing champion when he became Heavyweight champion of the world in November 2015.

Due to certain mental health issues straight after this fight in 2015 and whilst growing up, Tyson had to vacate the Heavyweight championship and his life went on a spiral downwards.

What I love about the book is the personal and truthful way the boxing world is shown, how mental health affected this famous person and the way that Tyson pushed through it, to change his world for the better. 

I recommend reading this book to anyone who is struggling with their mental health but also to anyone who wants to find out more about this whole area that is kept secret by most people.  To see someone go through really bad lows and make it out to the other side gives everyone a sense of hope and purpose for the future.

Let me know your thoughts below,

Buy the Book HEREh


The Gray Man – Mark Greaney – Book 5

Approaching the Gray Man book number 6, I had slight reservations.  The previous books had been so good, was I about to embark on a slight dip in the same old, same old structure.  I’d raved on about the Gray Man for a while so was it time to look elsewhere and see if there are other book genres I should take a look into.

Well I did try and put this book off, I looked at maybe reading the Mitch Rapp book series and seeing if I could get into that.  I then looked at the Jack Carr books as lots of people on twitter were raving about these.  

It was a big decision but I decided to keep to this series at least for one more book, just before the new Jack Reacher book “Blue Moon” is on its way on the 29th October.  I have to say, I was not disappointed, Mark Greaney brings a different twist to the previous Gray Man books as we start to see a slightly more human side to the assassin.

Court Gentry – First Gray Man Book

Whats the Book about?

The Gray Man is now working for the CIA again after agreeing a deal.  His new handler is Suzanne Brewer, someone he doesn’t trust but also someone he saved from death.  The mission is to find Fan Jiang, a former member of an ultra-secret computer warfare unit responsible for testing China’s own security systems.  To The Gray Man (Court Gentry) this is an easy mission, the only thing is the mission is so, so dirty with added things behind the scenes that the CIA hadn’t informed him.

Why should I read this book?

The first thing is that Court Gentry is a great Character, happy to complete the mission but not at all costs.  When he doesn’t understand the full mission including the outcome he can go rogue which is what makes this book stand out.  Mark Greaney also introduces other characters in this book, plus a romance that I think gives The Gray Man a sense of vulnerability that hasn’t been seen in his previous books.

Is there any Jack Reacher action?

There is so much action that from the first few pages we have to see if Fan Ling can escape his captures.  Then we find Court arriving in Honk Kong with a tail already waiting for him, tracking him to the hotel.  Obviously Court has to do something but doesn’t want to arouse suspicion from the authorities.  There are a few subplots, gun fights, Russian agents, hand to hand combat.  Some really good fights out on boats and Court working with other Chinese agents to escape capture.  If you like Jack Reacher fight scenes you will not be disappointed.

Thats all Folks!

If you are looking for a great character and like the Jack Reacher series, then this is the book for you.  The first few pages are fast paced action, it slows slightly in the middle to bring the plot into play, then increase to a great finale that you are sure the Gray Man may have lost.  Again I would say start with the first book in the series and then follow it through.

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I’m now onto the next J B Turner book titled “Rogue” which looks like it could be a hit.  Then we have the new Jack Reacher book which I am waiting for in anticipation, click the image below to order from my site.

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Jack Reacher (Friends)

One of my favourite Jack Reacher books – Special Investigators (BAD LUCK AND TROUBLE)
The team has a great motto: “You do not mess with the special investigators.”

Reacher was CO. “Dixon and Neagley were the only women and Neagley was the only NCO. The others were all officers. O’Donnell and Lowrey were captains and the rest were all majors.

Stan Lowrey
Killed by a drunk driver in Montana.

Calvin Franz (also in THE ENEMY)
Self-employed P.I., Culver City, CA.

Tony Swan (also in THE ENEMY)
Asst. director, corporate security for a SoCal defense manufacturer. 

Manuel Orozco & Jorge Sanchez (Sanchez also appeared in THE ENEMY)
Partners in a Las Vegas security business.

Dave O’Donnell
Washington, DC, P.I. Meticulous, doesn’t mind paperwork.

Karla Dixon
Forensic accountant, New York. 

Frances L. Neagley (also in WITHOUT FAIL, see reference below)

Eileen Ann Hutton (ONE SHOT) Brigadier General, Judge Advocate General’s Corps, US Army

Lieutenant Summer (THE ENEMY)
Lieutenant, Army Military Police

Leon Garber (THE ENEMY)
General, US Army Deceased at age 64 

Susan Duffy (PERSUADER)
Rogue agent, Drug Enforcement Administration

M.E. (Mary Ellen) Froelich (WITHOUT FAIL)
Secret Service Agent, charged with protecting the Vice President
Dated Joe Reacher.

Carmen Greer (ECHO BURNING)

Alice Amanda Aaron (ECHO BURNING)
Graduated Harvard Law School, practicing law at a legal mission in Pecos, Texas, as penance for coming from a wealthy family.

FBI Agent, stationed at Quantico.

Jodie Garber Jacob (TRIPWIRE)
Daughter of General Leon Garber (THE ENEMY)

Holly Johnson (DIE TRYING)
Newly inducted FBI Special Agent, former Wall Street stock analyst.

Officer Roscoe (KILLING FLOOR)
Police Officer