Like Jack Reacher? The GRAY MAN is for you!

Now and again you start to read a book and think to yourself, “am I going to get tired of this series?”

Well the answer to this question is “NO”, the Gray Man book series gets better and better.  Author Mark Greaney seems to know just how to write these crime thriller books to keep you wanting more.

This setting this time is the main character, Court Gentry aka the Gray Man is back in the USA, Washington, still trying to hide from the people who are wanting to kill him.  The CIA has a personal agenda to get rid of the myth and will stop at nothing to get rid of Court.  For some reason they do not want to let what Court has done or knows to be leaked out.

When Court arrives in the USA, it sends ripples throughout the CIA as the National Clandestine Service (NCS) Director knows why he has come back and is worried.  The main reason we find out is that Court Gentry wants to look at why the USA government are wanting to kill one of their own.  What could he have possibly done to deserves this worldwide hunt.

Author Mark Greaney manages to keep the plot going at an incredible rate, from Gentry being stuck in a Macdonalds restaurant to a stand off in the CIA bunker, the high octane adrenaline rush will ensure you read this book in a day or two.

We also get to see a lot more of The Gray Man’s history, why he joined the CIA in the past and who his old friends/brothers in arms were.  We get to see what motivates The Gray Man and even witness him at his lowest point.

All and I do mean ALL the stops are pulled out by the CIA even utilising other countries agencies and technology to identify the Gray Man so they are ready for the kill.  Court has to operate in the shadows, trust no one and use his brutal force to get what he needs.

For me this reminds me of the old style Jack Reacher books, gritty, intense with the feeling that anything could happen.  There were moments in the book where you were not sure of The Gray Man’s state of mind.  I liked this as you could never presume what he was going to do next.

If you like Jack Reacher or any of the Lee Child novels then this is the book for you.  Start off on the first book just titled “The Gray Man” as I know that this book will be a classic for the future.  You can buy this book by clicking the image below!

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