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I love reading books.  I just enjoy getting into a new series and following that character throughout each story.  One of my all time favourite authors is Lee Child.  The way that he writes the Jack Reacher series had me hooked when I first borrowed book number 11 – (Bad Luck and Trouble) from the inlaws.  Since then I have read the rest of the Jack Reacher series.  Every single November I get a little annoyed that I have finished the latest book and have to wait another year for the next Lee Child new release!


This site has been designed to help people who like me want to know what other great crime and thriller books are out there.  Similar books that have the type of Jack Reacher storylines, which keep you hooked in and help you immerse yourself in their fictional world.

I read them, review them and recommend them to you so you don’t have to waste your time searching for books only to find that they are not all they are cracked up to be.  Honest reviews on here by me, who is passionate about reading and want other people to enjoy this hobby as much as I do.  If you are looking for a book like Jack Reacher then we are the place for you.


Imagine the time saved not having to look through book shops or websites and scrolling along reviews to see if the book you are looking at is any good.  Imagine the satisfaction of reading a book and leaving your own comment on this site to tell us your views.  Imagine not having to wait until your favourite author has written another new book, here you can find out the books to read in between your favourite authors new releases.


I want to get more people reading and to inform people of the best crime thriller books out there!  If you love Jack Reacher we provide other books series to read so that you are never bored whilst waiting for the next Lee Child novel.  Lots of people ask me about the books that are like Jack Reacher, this website is the place to be to find out other main characters that are like Jack Reacher.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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6 Replies to “About Books Like Jack Reacher”

  1. I’ve read all the reacher books twice – I’ve just finished the first 3 Peter Ash series by Nick Petrie – very enjoyable and similar to reacher – now looking for another series of similar characters – also read all of the Harry Bosch, Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Womens Murder Club, Michael Bennett, NYPD Red, Kinsey Milhorn, Private series, and the Harlon Coben series about Myron and Mickey Bollitor – Ridley has an interesting series about John Knox (very definitely a Reacher-type character) – any suggestions would be appreciated

    1. Thanks for your comments,

      Thats a great list you have already read. I’ll email you some other books that are like Jack Reacher so that you can get into another series,
      There are some others that are like Jack Reacher that are not on your list.

      thanks again


  2. Just discovered your site and it’s great! Looking for books to send to my partner’s 88yr old mum to keep her entertained during lockdown. She a great Jack Reacher fan so this is so helpful – many thanks!

    1. thanks so much for this and do pop back to find more books and reviews,

      We especially recommend David Baldacci currently as his books seem to be very good currently.

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