I’ve read lots and lots of Jack Reacher reviews for this latest Lee Child novel.  I must say most were positive, fans seemed to like the new direction that Jack Reacher was moving into.  Some people though, were still feeling bored of this once exciting book series.  If you like Jack Reacher then start at the first book titled Killing Floor which you can purchase HERE!

The First Jack Reacher Book in the series.

What is BLUE MOON like?

So you are interested in the new Jack Reacher or like me an avid Reacher fan, is the latest Lee Child Book any good?  Well to start with, I have to say, you have to get this latest Jack Reacher book.  Lee Child is a brilliant author whose writing style is unique, his detailed landscapes, brilliant characters and Jack Reacher character will no doubt pull you into the book.  I was looking forward to this book as I thought the premise was slightly different to previous books.  For a start the main plot is in a fictional town which normally Lee Child writes about a place that exists.  Reacher is wandering on buses and noticing, as he always does, noticing things that seem slightly out of the ordinary.

This is where Blue Moon starts, Jack Reacher unsure of a persons motives, so follows them, an old guy who is about to be mugged.  This leads Jack into a whole world of trouble with loan sharks, gang rivalry between Ukrainians and Albanians plus trying to save a family and locals in danger.  Can Jack Reacher survive the complex town or will he survive to fight another day.

Latest Jack Reacher Book

Any good bits?

For those that were slightly disappointed in the last few books in the Lee Child series with the action and fighting down to a bare minimum.  You will not be disappointed, from page 5 onwards Jack Reacher is a killing machine.  He is more brash and bold in this book, he doesn’t seem to want to analyse situations as much and is much happier to go all out against any opposition.  The Body count is high, the fight scenes are brutal and the bad guys are larger than life.  I don’t remember a Jack Reacher book as violent and action filled as this one, which if you like vigilante thriller films like Hitman and Commando then you will love this book.

Hitman Film Series
Commando Action Film


If you like Jack Reacher then get this book, if you are not sure about the Lee Child novels then take my word for it, this book is a great read and you will not be disappointed.  The author Lee Child is a special writer and his Jack Reacher novels are all worth reading, some are better then others but that is always going to happen when you are on your 24th book.  Action a plenty, good storyline and a clever ending will mean you will be like me, waiting for book number 25.



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