I’ve started to go back through the Jack Reacher novels again to see if my top five books were still the correct best books in the Lee Child series.

Most of the Jack Reacher book series I do remember, there are the odd books that have got lost along the wayside and this book is one of them. “Die Trying” was one of those older books that I’m sure at the time I thought was really good but overtime I have read other authors and this has dropped off my book reading radar!

Die Trying – What’s it about?

“Die Trying” is a great read, I love the Reacher of the older books as he seemed a bit more gritty, more of a “do-or-die” mentality. The start of the book is quite special as Jack Reacher is helping a woman who is injured and then he expectantly gets thrown into a car and kidnapped.

A frantic journey ensues with Reacher stuck in the car with the woman who helped. He finds out the she is an FBI agent and is in the same boat as him. The pace of the book really picks up as the FBI obviously are searching for their agent and think that Reacher is the prime suspect.

Reacher and the agent are transported to a commune where the main leaders are creating an army sect and want the government to meet their demands.

Again we have Reacher on his own against the sect, defending the woman agent and trying to work out what the army sect are trying to do.

There is a great battle of leadership in this book as the FBI agent wants to assume control of the situations whereby Reacher, as in many of the Lee Child novels is really the go to hero and saves her from an attack which automatically puts him in charge of a plan to escape.

Is this one of the better books?

The good thing about this book is the pace a t which the plot plays out, lots of fights which is one of the trademarks of the Lee Child books. This really is another page turner, one of those books that you will be staying up until the early hours trying to finish it. The scenery changes from Reacher in the confinement of a car, to then being confined in a mountain community are well written, you can sense the claustrophobia and the tension rising and Reacher tried to plan his escape. I like the way Lee Child keeps the sense of mystery throughout the book, you are never really sure what is going to happen with the various FBI agents and the leader of the community. There is something very clever when the leader of the community sect is obviously quite deranged as his decisions are very random which is what keeps you on edge.

What about Jack Reacher?

This book really helps you to understand a little more of Reacher’s background, his clever clock in his “head”, why he travels without much equipment. I love that fact that after each book Lee Child lets you know more and more about Jack Reacher’s personality, this is a great way of getting you to read each of the Jack Reacher novels.  The first book “Killing Floor” is where you should start though to get to grips with the novel, my favourite is still “Bad luck and trouble”.

How do I buy it?

You can buy the book by clicking the link below, there are various platforms from Kindle to Hardback. I like hardback books just as they are usually the first to be published and are more my style. Kindle is great for commuters or people who don’t want to carry the book around. I would recommend this book for action and suspense, it does start a little slower than the previous “Killing Floor” book but is a very very good read.





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