Earlier I raved on about new author Tom Wood in my previous post HERE! You can see that I was mightly impressed with the brilliant descriptive style of writing and for me, one of the books is so far topping the rating list for Crime Thriller books!

As I normally do, I went back to my book shelf and pulled out another Tom Wood book titled “The Enemy”. As I review the books after reading them, my first port of calls when analyzing, is the main question. Is this book like a Lee Child novel or a Jack Reacher character. Then I look at the author’s writing style to see whether this matches up to the skill level (of the highest order) of Lee Child.

You’ve already read this book?

I have read this book before, a couple of years ago and thought I’d try it again. To be honest I couldn’t quite remember the plot or whether the book was good or not. This last point didn’t really paint the book in the right light as surely I would have remembered this, if it was THAT good. Well for those who are like me and read so many books over a year, you will know that you kind of get mixed up with, which book was good and which book was just average. That is why I always recommend going back over old books to see what they are like in a new refreshing way, sometimes reading a book again in a new setting or environment can give a much better review than reading it the first time.

What’s the book like then?

This is the second book in the Tom Wood series and again centres around Victor the assassin. What I really, really like about this book is the plot which at first can seem slightly overwhelming as there are so many characters involved at first. As you continue to read through though, Tom Wood makes a brilliant story unfold before your eyes. Victor working for the CIA, in a way trapped by his new bosses who present him “Jobs” to do under very impossible time constraints. As with this Victor series, that is like Lee Child novels we get to see Victor pressed from powers above, against top formidable teams and to top it all off, he even has to deal with a mole in the CIA. No spoilers for you but I did want to mention a particular scene which is an example of the great work that Tom Wood achieves.

Infamous scene!

Anyone seen the film by John Woo called “Hard Boiled”? Very few people I would say, but there was this classic action film back in the day by one of the best action movie directors of the early nineties. Buy the film HERE!. The film has lots of action sequences that back then, everyone spoke about. There was a particular scene where a cop is trying to save people in a hospital and the whole sequence is just carnage, shotguns, people getting shot, martial arts, panic and terror. Can you picture it? If not, then click the link here to see this scene.

This scene depicts the last 30 or so pages of the book “The Enemy”, Victor is having a meal with his “girlfriend”.  Again using his memory skill set he recalls something that has just happened to him on that particular night.

Too late, he knows the “Kidon” (Israel’s Mossad) are onto him and there is nothing he can do about it.

What happens next is such a page turner that you can’t stop reading and reading and reading until the book ends. 30 pages of Victor trying to save his “girlfriend”, taking out some other assassins, getting kidnapped, car crashing, epic gun fights in a warehouse to getting a blade of glass pushed in towards his eye. You actually feel quite relieved when the book has finished.

Final thoughts

I did actually laugh to myself when finishing this book as I had forgotten how good it was. The plot was quite demanding due to the various characters throughout who were again very well written. For each character there was a reason for them to be in there, you could also picture what they were like in person due to their dialogue. Again a great skill of the author Tom Wood. I do think this book is not for the faint-hearted, if reminded me of the earlier Lee Child books like Jack Reacher’s, “Killing Floor” and “Tripwire”.

“The Enemy is a book that will stay with you for a while after you have read it, how can Victor survive? You will have to read the next one in the series to find out……….

Let me know what you think after reading this book, whether you agree with me in the comments box.

4 Replies to “Books Like Lee Child Novels!”

  1. Great review! I love reading and am excited to find another reading fan. Keep up the good work. I will keep coming back here to get reviews. Thanks

    1. Thanks for the comments – Reading is brilliant and its great to know other people love books like I do. Yes keep coming back to this site for more books that you can check out – we only review good books here!

      thanks again

  2. Love me some crime & thriller!
    Keep the reviews coming because I dont have the time to read all the books!
    Great article and website!

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