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Imagine the scenario, you have just finished the latest Jack Reacher book, you are sat with your head in your hands. What are you going to do next? You have read all the Jack Reacher books in order from the first Jack Reacher book to the latest Jack Reacher book yet you want more. You have a choice, either pop out to the local book shop and just grab anything in the crime thriller books section, sit down on google and search through loads and loads of reviews.

Or come to where I can help you choose your next book straight away. How easy is it, at a click of a button, you can scroll through this site and pick your next read.

If you are still not sure, then have a look at the Lee Child Jack Reacher novels here and see for yourself the character that I am talking about….

Top 5 characters like Jack Reacher

Well here is the list of fictional Characters that we wil be reviewing over the next few weeks so that you can see why we think they are like Jack Reacher. Each Character is from a Crime Thriller book, some are from up and coming authors, others are from well known established authors. So before you go back through your list of Jack Reacher books in order again, have a look at this selection and let us know what you think.

1 – Will Robie

A government assassin, a killer who kills people to order. Will Robie although maybe not like Jack Reacher in statue, more than makes up for this in skill set and mental attitude. Created by David Baldacci, Will Robie is an excellent book series to get started on. Each book is brilliantly written, with plots that absorb you and fight scenes that are tense and well written. There are five Will Robie books currently in print, the first novel is called “The Innocent” and i recommend that you start here as it will help you understand how the main character changes over time.  Buy the book here.

2 – Jon Reznick

Jon Reznick is a “ghost”: a black-ops specialist who takes his orders from shadowy handlers, and his payroll from the US government. This book series is one of my latest reads and I kind of stumbled onto it by accident. Jon Reznick is just like Jack Reacher, similar height, similar thought pattern and similar skill set. The main difference is that he is a family man, I won’t spoil it too much for you but lets just say he has commitments that Jack Reacher doesn’t have. This again though makes you want to see how his plots pan out. Created by J.B Turner and there are currently five books in this series, starting with “Hard Road”. All the books in the series start with the word “Hard”. Buy book number 1 Here.

3 – Evan Smoak

I found this due to a comment on the back from author David Baldacci saying “Read this book, you will thank me later”. this intrigued me massively as I thought it really can’t be that good and this is another clever sales slogan. I was WRONG, if you need something to read as soon as possible, as you are craving from finishing the latest Jack Reacher book. Then read this book now …… did I say now – yes read it NOW, BUY IT here. Created by Gregg Hurwitz, Evan Smoak is a complex character, trained like Jason Bourne into an assassin, now living a life to help people. Like Jack Reacher, a loner, analyser, survivor and a person who battles for the underdog. Let me know what you think in the comments box.

4 – Carter Blake

Carter Blake is a unique character as this is not his real name. He is a skilled professional who provides a straightforward service: for a price, he’ll find people who don’t want to be found. Created by Mason Cross, Carter Blake is a guy who takes no messing. Like jack Reacher, Carter Blake doesn’t trust anyone, he is a problem solver who seems to see things that others don’t, just like Jack Reacher. There are currently four Carter Blake books with a fifth one on the way in April 2018.  Buy the first one here.

5 – Amos Decker

Amos Decker has an injury, this life changing brain injury means that he now can’t forget anything, he remembers everything, even stuff that he doesn’t want to remember. Again another complex character but also somehow you always feel slightly sorry for him. Like Jack Reacher, he sometimes struggles to fit in, even when working in a team he doesn’t seem to be quite on the same wave length as the other characters. Created by well know author David Baldacci, Amos Decker series has four books with another coming this year in April. Perhaps not as physically fit as Jack Reacher or as strong but Amos Decker has a unique skill set that sets him apart from the rest.  Buy the book here.

That’s All Folks!

So there you have it, something to get you teeth into, please leave some comments with what you thought about these characters. I will be posting more characters overtime and keeping you up to date with the latest books in each of the series. What is amazing about these books is that they are at different times for publishing so you haven’t got much time to wait in between the releases.

I know Jack Reacher is unique, the way that Lee Child writes is unique, but don’t let that put you off exploring and seeing if there are any other characters that you could get into. Don’t compare but embrace what each one has and the unique ability to solve mysteries and kick butt when required.

Each of the books will be listed on this bookslikejackreacherwebsite so that you can see for yourself how similar in certain ways that they are to Jack Reacher. One other thing, if you haven’t seen the first Jack Reacher movie yet, I would recommend it to you as it does have a real suspense feel and “who done it” type of thriller. Not 100% on having Tom Cruise as the main character but we can talk about that in another post.

As you can see there are lots of characters like Jack Reacher.  If you like Jack Reacher then have a look at the Lee Child Jack Reacher books order HERE.

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18 Replies to “Characters in books that are like Jack Reacher”

  1. Interesting idea for a website! Makes me wish for one that covers MY favorite genre – science fiction and fantasy.

    I grew reading and re-reading Lord of the Rings until the characters were like family. Still has me in its talons!

    But I also like Spy novels. I always bought the latest John LeCarre books when they came out, as well as many other asundry spy novels by other, less consistently awesome, authors.

    Since I don’t know this genre well, would you say it’s like or unlike the Spy genre?

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Interesting that you are a fan of LoTR. My website actually did reviews of the series and I am about to create a series of posts on a book series similar. Have you read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan? It has a lot of the great elements from Lord of The Rings. You can check it out on my site next week.

      1. Hi thanks for the comments, I haven’t heard of the authors you mentioned but will have a look. I like anything like Jack Reacher so will be looking at these in the near future.

        thanks again


  2. Great review and great ideas for reading! Have to admit that till now I was only watching crime thriller movies and have never read any book from this category. Your blog post intrigued me and I’m thinking of reading one of the mentioned books. I guess I should start with one of Jack Reacher books. You say that this character is unique, as well as the way Lee Child writes. So, I’ll give it a try. My next choice could be Evan Smoak. Agree with you regarding this book author’s clever sale slogan.
    Thank you.

    1. Yes you have got to try Evan Smoak, I’m on the second book as we speak and I can really recommend this book. I’ll be reviewing it soon, titled “The Nowhere Man”.
      Thanks for the comments

  3. Man I’ve heard a lot about Jack Reacher and I really need to get going and read them! I’m sure the hype is justified. I’ve always been a big reader; I like young adult crime and adventure books like Skulduggery Pleasant, but in the adult category I too prefer fantasy. Way of Kings by Brandon Sanderson is a brilliant book, and I know your site is dedicated to crime and thrillers, but perhaps you could bend the rules slightly for this one maybe? Even if it doesn’t end up cropping up on your site I would still definitely recommend you gave it a spin!

    1. Thanks for the comments – You do need to try Jack Reacher as I don’t know of one person who has started the book and not liked one. I recommend staring from the first in the Jack Reacher series and go from there. I will have a look at the books you mentioned and come back to you, many thanks

  4. I probably watch more movies in this genre than read books although I seriously suspect that the books are much better than the movies!

    I love Tom Cruise movies but I cannot get him into my head as Reacher. Same with Collateral. He’s just too short 🙂 but basically lacks the gravitas.

    Anyway, someone mentioned s/f. I loved Asimov’s robot detective, R. Daneel Olivaw, and I was wondering if you had any recommendations for spy/assassin/ thriller characters in the s/f genre.

    1. Thanks for the comments – currently I have not looked into the sci fi genre but will be looking at that next. Totally understand about the Tom Cruise casting for the Jack Reacher films, my first choice would have been Hugh Jackman. The Jack Reacher books are so much better than the movies and I reccommend them if you are looking for a great thriller book.

      thanks again


    2. It REALLY GALLS me that they cast 5’8″ Tom Cruise as the 6′ 5″ Jack Reacher. Hell, there’s NOBODY in Hollywood that can act and is that TALL ?

      1. Thanks for the comments – hopefully the rumours of the new TV series will change all this and we will get a great boxset to view that is just like the Jack Reacher books, Feel free to join me on the mailing list to get the latest reviews like Jack Reacher straight to your email.

  5. Very good list. Missing a new one on the block called Joe Beck though. He’s like Reacher, except in the 21st century

    1. Thanks for the comments – I’ll put Joe Beck on the list to review soon, not sure if he is like Jack Reacher or not? One of the best Jack Reacher type books so far is the Victor series by Tom Wood. He is even more grittier than Jack Reacher and probably more intrigue to the character.

      thanks again


  6. Its always great when you can find characters in other series that evoke the same types of feelings as your favorites. I can’t count how many times I have picked up a new series hoping to find the same level of joy I had in a favorite just to be let down. Thank you for bringing our attention to some other great series that are similar to Jack Reacher. It will give us lots to read.

    1. Thank you for the comments, really great that you have seen the Jack Reacher series and might get into them. The website is for people like you, not sure what to read so look here first if you are into Crime Thrillers.

  7. Thank you for these books reviews. I have never read Jack Reacher before, but I’ve seen the movie and I loved it. I usually read motivational books, but after reading your reviews I think I have to try one of those books. Which of these five books you could recommend me as the best one, or which one did you liked the most? Because I don’t have a lot of spare time for reading and it would be best for me to choose one. Thank you.

    1. Thanks for the comments and support. For you I would look at Amos Decker or Will Robie as this is the type of book that would get your attention. I think the pace of these books would be like a Jack Reacher film and would work for you. If you like Jack Reacher though I’d always recommend starting from the beginning the Jack Reacher book 1 Killing Floor book. Buy it HERE

      thanks again

      Glenford R

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