My all time Favourite Jack Reacher Book

There may be some of you thinking out of the 22 Lee Child Jack Reacher books, which one is your favourite?  For most of us die hard Jack Reacher fans, I think it would be hard to choose just one book that stands out from the rest as they are all so, so good in their own unique way.

With that said however, there is one book that for me, will always stand out in the series of Jack Reacher novels.  This is due to the fact that this was the book that got me hooked into the Lee Child Jack Reacher novels.  I got given it after Christmas by my father in law, kind of a flippant “here you go, have a read of this” comment as he hadn’t had a chance to read it.

Just the back page of the book got me intrigued, why had I never heard of this person before?  Why would no one mess with him?  Why did he leave the army?

What happened next?

I got the book and devoured it, reading it in the morning with breakfast, at night over tea, before bed, you name it.  Whenever I had the opportunity to read the book I did.  To me it was just an instant classic, Jack Reacher teaming up with four of his ex army colleagues as his old team are getting picked off, one by one.  The team are just so  cool, all with their own skill sets, and they have obviously got a  tight bond between them of loyalty from being in the army.

Why is this the Best?

Fight scenes – check

Third person writing – check

Lots of characters – check

Plot twists and turns – check

This book has got everything and more, it was the first time that I got to know the hero but not as a normal hero.  No Jack Reacher is an unconventional hero who walks close to the line with the law by protecting his team and the underdogs but also wants justice done by any means possible.

Once I had been gripped by this book, I decided to research and look at what else Lee Child had written – low and behold, there were another 10 books to read before this one.  I felt that I then had to read the Jack Reacher books in order, so that I could start to see where he had come from, and follow his fictional journey from the beginning.  I think being a kid in the 80’s the Jack Reacher books reminded me ever so slightly of David Banner, the end scenes of the hulk tv series.  David Banner, a loner, walking down a road, piano music playing in the background as he wanders off into the next location.

If like me you want a “do not put down book”, look no further than this Jack Reacher novel.

Remember, “You don’t mess with Jack Reacher” – Bad Luck and Trouble can be bought here.








3 Replies to “Favourite Jack Reacher Book”

  1. Interesting article, I like the Jack Reacher type of genre. One of my early favorites was the Baldacci Sequence. I look forward to seeing reviews of other books as well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I appreciate your enthusiasm about the character. I have for the most part always been drawn to non-fiction but you’ve now got me intrigued. I will most certainly want to look into getting hold of this series.


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