Books Like Jack Reacher present the two Jack Reacher films that are currently available to buy.

I prefer the first film based on the book “One Shot” which you can buy HERE.

Here is my review of the first Jack Reacher film…

I saw this film at the cinema a while back and was at the time slightly disappointed with the casting of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher but also wondering why they chose this book instead of number one in the Lee Child novel series.  The Jack Reacher books are really good and I knew that it would be hard to find a film to replicate how good the Lee Child novels are.  Jack Reacher books sell out rapidly across the world and are exciting to read so I had a small chance the Jack Reacher films would be good.  If you would like to try a Jack Reacher Book then CLICK HERE

Anyway after trying to get rid of all my preconceptions, I sat and watched the film.  I was pleasantly surprised, enough suspense to keep you guessing and some mighty fine Tom Cruise action.  To be honest, yes Tom Cruise is too small, yes he probably seems to not portray Jack Reacher as he should, but my word does he bring the action sequences.  The Jack Reacher books have lots of actions scattered throughout them and the films keep the action right at the forefront of the script.  Lee Child novels are very descriptive about how Jack Reacher dispatches his enemy so this had to be included in the films.

From fights outside of bars, car chasing, defending himself in an ambush, he really does excel in this type of stuff.  Throughout the film though, I never thought once, this is the person who I have read in the Lee Child books.  Which isn’t a bad thing if you have not read the books, and this is just a film that looked good from the trailers and stars Tom Cruise.

For the Jack Reacher book fans though, I’m guessing you would feel like me, slightly let down at the end as to what it could have been.

So what did you do?

Well this last week I watched the film again.  At home on the small screen with surround sound on, no distractions and some snacks to get me through.  I must say due to leaving it a few years and re watching the film, I have to conclude that it is rather good.

This may be because now on book 22 Lee Child has written Jack Reacher more like the actor Tom Cruise in his last few books.  Or it could be that I’ve got used to the idea of Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher.  The film has well thought out action sequences, good acting in parts from the female main lead Rosamund Pike and there is just enough grit to Jack Reacher to feel that he is a loner, someone you would not want to mess with.

I would recommend this Jack Reacher movie for anyone who wants to get into the Lee Child books.  I think it would be a great starting place for people to see a very good thriller with lots of twists and action.

Who knows, this could be your first step leading you into reading other books in the Lee Child novel list.