On my last post where I was totally and utterly shocked and surprised to find a book that might have just surpassed Lee Child’s Jack Reacher character. I decided to keep going with this series.  I kept on buying the “Tom Wood” books and storing them up to read and review thoroughly,  this Victor assassin series.  I was slighty anxious as I had read “A Time To Die” (the more recent book in the series) and had reviewed that on this website.  I didn’t want to feel that this first book in the series would be a let down or not on par with the more recent books in the series.

What just happened?

I went straight into the bookshop and bought the first book of the series titled “The Hunter”. Now I was starting to think, “Oh no” have I rushed with the rave reviews on my website and put the recommendations out too early for people to buy “A Timetp Die”. Yes “A Time to Die” is one of the best crime thriller books that I have read, perhaps debatable, but in my humble opinion its better than all the books in the Lee Child series.

Okay, What about “The Hunter” Book?

Well the back of the book says:

His name is a cover

He has no home

And he kills for a living

Victor is a hit man, a man with no past and no surname. His world is one of paranoia and obsessive attention to detail; his morality lies either dead or dying. No one knows what truly motivates the hunter. No one gets close enough to ask.

When a Paris job goes spectacularly wrong, Victor finds himself running for his life across four continents, pursued by a kill squad and investigated by secret services from more than one country. With meticulous style, Victor plans his escape . . . and takes the fight to his would-be killers.

In this first novel in the explosive Victor series, it’s not about right and wrong – only about who lives and who dies.

There you go, great back of the book synopsis, surely this is something that you, like me thought “Yes, this seems like it could be a good book”. After two chapters of reading “The Hunter” I was quietly smiling to myself, trying desperately to find negatives as I was reading but at the same time just agreeing that this was going to be another mighty fine read.

General idea

To try and understand the plot without spoiling it for people, I as a previous Jean Claude Van Damme fan (apologies I was a teen martial arts fan) there was one stand out film that this book brought back to my memory. The film was called “HARD TARGET” (BUY HERE) and was basically Van Damme, accidentally entering into a game where the hunter became the hunted. To be honest the film now looks a little dated and probably has “B” rated action, the plot though is really rather excellent. Specialist baddies, chasing after Van Damme who uses his ex army skills to defend himself and fight back. This is what Victor the assassin does in this book like Jack Reacher, being chased by deadly hardened trained teams who go up against him, with the intent to kill.

Tell us the good

I defy anyone to read this book and not finish it within a week! Bold statement I know and I am being deadly serious.  The amazing pace, the twists and turns, the locations, all lead to a dramatic ending which leaves you just absolutely exhausted. We get to understand Victor, strange morals, thinking for himself, he really is about self-preservation. Even with all this going on, men reading this book will want to be him, cool in situations, always thinking ahead of the game, paranoid and observant, a cross between Jack Reacher and Jason Bourne. Perhaps the ultimate assassin you would say in some ways.


Okay you’ve convinced me

The reason this book is just like Jack Reacher is that again the author Tom Wood writes with such detail that you really feel like you are in the scenes. Jack Reacher isn’t exactly a hero and he does have strange morals, which relates slightly to Victor. For some reason you are routing for Victor even though he isn’t one of the good guys in a typical sense.  You are practically willing him to get through to the end of the book.  Even when everything is stacked against him and he is against some serious opposition, you are never sure he is going to make it.

I love the way that Victor even with all the skills in the world can still look and sound vulnerable. To me this is realistic, with so many enemies, so many tight situations that he has to think in an unconventional way to escape or not get killed.  With this high el meant of danger and the sublime pace of this plot, I do put this book firmly up there with a high score like the best Lee Child, Jack Reacher novels.


Let me know what you think? Have I got the review right, is he as good as Jack Reacher? Leave comments below.





9 Replies to “Introducing a new author – Tom Wood”

  1. You have made that book sound quite compelling, so I think that I will have to consider putting on my spring reading list. I love a good page turner.
    I am not a fan of Tom Cruise, but I do like the Jack Reacher movies, and so would totally consider more books in this genre, so thanks for the heads up!

    1. Thanks for the comments I would definitly have a look at this book and also look at the other Harry Bosch books as they add a new flavour to reading other types of books like jack reacher.

  2. Hi,
    I have read your review of ” The Hunter” withgreat interest. I like reading books, and appreciate a good one. I am a retired shipmaster, and have written a few books myself; all fiction.
    I am also a fan of Jean Claude van Damme, so we have something in commen.
    I hope that I will hear from you again

  3. Glenford,
    To be honest, I don’t know if you’ve gotten the review correct or not because I’ve not been a fiction reader for many decades. BUT, my mom and dad are both HUGE Jack Reacher reader/fans. They both have all their books! so you my friend have just taken care of me for all their future birthdays and Christmas.
    I’m in your debt,

    1. Thats great news, thats what our website is all about – encouraging people to get into a new book series thats like Jack Reacher or finding presents for family and friends – glad I could help

      thanks again

  4. Well you have my interest. I wondered about this book and that’s decided it for me.

    I was brought up in the eighties and nineties so I used to be a big Jean Claude Van Damme fan.

    I will let you know how I get on with the book and post my comments here when I’m done.

    Thanks for the review.

  5. It’s been quite sometime now that I have read a real page-turner of a novel. I have been buying books but haven’t really read them, all my books getting piled up in heaps. (Tsundoku: buying books and not reading them; letting books piled up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands). I was wondering if I have actually outgrown the “thriller” genre. I kinda like Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher movie and your review has created the necessary intrigue in this Victor character. Thanks for the review. I have been needing a fast-paced novel to lift me up 🙂

    1. thanks for the comments – yes definitely give Victor a try and also Orphan x by Grregg Hurwitz.  You will not be disappointed.

      Thanks again Glenford

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