It was one of those days, you know, you’ve had them before. You’ve finished your latest book series after the Christmas period, you’ve had a short gap of not reading anything for a couple of weeks. Then the cravings start hitting, I NEED to read a decent book, especially at night before bed, something to look forward to as the nights get dark so quickly.

The next day, into the bookshop I go, I have a quick flick through the usual authors I know of, nope nothing new there, I spot a few others on the discount shelf (always looking for a bargain), nope nothing there worthy of attention. Then I have a quick “click and check” of some books, you know the method, check the back of a book, google the title and see what some reviews say. This is such a painful process as I only have 30 minutes lunch break and I HAVE to do this method currently as there are not many websites like which help you quickly find something that is decent.

After 20 minutes of my lunch break gone, I stumble upon an author called “Greg Hurwitz”. I thought, I recognise that surname from a book I’d bought before, which I thought was okay when I had read it. The book in front of me was titled “Orphan X” and to be honest looked okay but the main thing that I noticed on the front of the book was a quote from LEE CHILD stating that the book was “Outstanding in every way”

What happened next?

Yes you guessed it, I went and bought the book. It was quite funny though, as when I got home I realised that the author who I thought sounded the same, was in fact someone else entirely called Anthony Horowitz and the book was called “Trigger Mortis” which you could BUY HERE!

“Oh no” I thought had it all gone wrong, got the wrong author, perhaps read the wrong reviews, it’s probably not a book like Jack Reacher surely. Have I wasted my hard-earned cash??

Go on tell us….

I was greatly surprised to find out that this book is one of the best books like Jack Reacher out there currently. I’ve been introduced to a totally refreshing character named “Evan Smoak” who like Jack Reacher is a loner but again has an amazing set of skills to combat the bad guys. The plot is brilliant, Evan Smoak is a person who senses great victory in helping people who are in danger. He does this by leaving people that he has saved from harm with a phone number that they can pass onto anyone (only one) person they meet who is also in desperate need.

What I love about this plot is that you sense something bad is going to happen all the way through, it’s much too easy for Evan to go through life and not have any harm come his way. What would be the point in that, him helping people and strolling around, no one wants to read this. As you read more about his background, you realise that not all is as it seems and Evan is in great, great danger.

Is this as good as a Lee Child book?

As with all comparisons, it is hard to compare the two characters Jack Reacher and Evan Smoak. I can only say that for me, Evan Smoak is like a younger brother to Jack Reacher. He can handle himself, has the usual eye for detail and investigative skills, the main difference is that he is up to date with the latest technology to aid him. Evan has such an amazing set of skills from, knowing all the time if something is wrong in a situation to checking online databases and hacking into various systems to help him in the search for people.

Greg Hurwitz has created a great character who interacts with other people in his apartment block, and again, the detail that goes into painting the picture about the protection Evan has installed into his own apartment is incredible.

Final thoughts

I included Evan Smoak in my characters in books like jack reacher as he is such a brilliant read and hero that I think people who read Lee Child novels will absolutely love. He always seems to be out of danger and then the plot is flipped so that you can’t see a way out for him. I really do like the idea of the interaction of a man made human weapon, engaging with the public in his apartment block. These scenes really give a sense of the caring side of an assassin and it does help the reader to relate to the story a lot more.

I say buy this book now, you will not be disappointed at all!

Let me know what you think, when you have read the book in the comments below.

8 Replies to “Introducing Evan Smoak and author Gregg Hurwitz”

  1. I agree, when I run out of a series, it is like, what now? Both of the authors you listed, and the books for that matter, look interesting. What genre of book would you consider them? I read all varieties, but am curious. Thanks for sharing. I will click on the link and look into a new book!

    1. Hi thanks for the comments – I would say the book is a crime thriller – so so good, go and buy it and I can honestly say that no one will be disappointed. If you like books like Jack Reacher then definitely get this.

      thanks again


  2. Great job on relaying how Evan is similar to JR. You paint a good picture of what the book can be. You also peaked my interest in the 007 novel as well. Thanks, Curtis

    1. Glad I interested you in the James Bond book and I can totally imagine that as a film. I would advise buying the Orphan X book as it is like a Jack Reacher book for sure. Thanks again


  3. Books Like Jack Reacher- Shows up right away as a professional looking site.
    I enjoyed going through the book discovery process with you. Your book review was insightful and covers the plot without spoilers that let me know if I would probably like the story. I appreciate that. You didn’t take the normal route with the cookie cutter review. You made it personal. I am an author and often review books. I think I will adapt my own style with a blend of yours if you don’t mind.

    1. Thanks for the comments and glad you enjoyed the review. The idea is that we review many mystery and thriller books that are good. Glad you enjoyed the writing style, I try and be myself and hopefully people feel the same and like the books I’m posting out here.

      Thanks again


  4. Love the Evan Smoak character as a rival to the Jack Reacher series. I’m interested in most crime thriller books but also like the mystery books as well. Are Jack Reacher books that type of book are are they more like James Bond. I’ll have a look at your other Jack Reacher reviews and see what comes to mind.

    Claude James

    1. Thanks for the comments. Yes the Jack Reacher series could be in the genre you are looking for as some of them are like a mystery type book. Have a look at the rest of our site and see which Jack Reacher books are the type you would like. Stephen Leather books are also the similar thing for mystery thrillers,

      Thanks again


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