The level of excitement and anticipation when you buy the latest Jack Reacher book is so high that you have to take a moment before you start to open the pages. This latest book from Lee Child is Jack Reacher book number 22. As with all

the previous books we start, Lee Child draws you in right from the start. Be prepared for another case of reading right into the night through to the early hours of the morning.

For those who are new to this site, read on and find out about this next Lee Child book in one of the greatest crime series thriller novels. Jack Reacher is back with a bang!

The thing about Jack Reacher books

We think we know all Jack Reacher by now, book number 22 and surely he isn’t going to change.

Well well well, after reading this book and remembering the first Jack Reacher book (Killing Floor). I can safely say that Jack Reacher has changed just ever so slightly. From hard core cool guy that gets the job done in a jiffy, obviously with intelligence and charm. This Jack Reacher is slightly shall I say, more thoughtful and has a softer approach to the people around him, unlike many Jack Reacher books. Some of the plot deals with addiction, self-worth and loyalty, this allows us the opportunity to see Jack Reacher’s compassion just enough to realise he is maybe getting softer with age.

Is this the best Jack Reacher book?

As with all Lee Child books, we keep expecting the latest Jack Reacher book to be better than the previous one. For me this latest Jack Reacher book is better than number 21 (Night School). I didn’t particularly like Night School, as we were transported back in time to see where Jack Reacher came from and what happened to him when he was younger. I prefer the now, the present Jack Reacher character, dealing with the bad guys in style and winning the mini war for the people who can’t defend themselves.

If you are like me, then this book is one of the better ones. Not the best Jack Reacher book but one that you will enjoy reading. You may find that over the years you have come to appreciate Lee Child books more and more as during the down time between his latest book, you go off in the hunt for something similar. I have very rarely come across anything that comes as close to gripping me in the way that Lee Child Jack Reacher books do. This has made me appreciate his writing style more and more, even when some of the books are not quite up to scratch I still can sit back in the knowledge that I have still had a good read by this brilliant author.

Plot of Jack Reacher Number 22

The most important part of a Lee Child Jack Reacher book is the start. The first few pages when you see where Jack Reacher is located, hear about where he has been and find out where he is drifting to. In this book, Jack Reacher takes an aimless stroll past a pawn shop in a small Midwestern town. In the window he sees a West Point class ring from 2005. It’s tiny. It’s a woman cadet’s graduation present to herself. Why would she give it up? Reacher’s a West Pointer too, and he knows what she went through to get it. So starts the mystery of the seller, the reason why the ring was stolen, what Jack Reacher has to go through to solve this mystery.

Is there any Jack Reacher action?

For me this is what makes the books standout. The writing description of the fights really engages with the reader and makes you feel as if you were in the fight scene itself. The Midnight Line doesn’t disappoint as Jack Reacher gets himself into a few situations that you could imagine in any Jack Reacher movie. One worthy of a mention is the fight with some bikers that gets you on the edge of your seat with all the writing descriptions of punches, elbows and head locks to name but a few.

I felt really intrigued with the story as I couldn’t work out where the plot was going to take you. I liked the idea of Reacher teaming up with a private detective, trying to solve the mystery of the ring meant that there was some great dialogue. Reacher the get it done guy and the detective being bound by the rules and red tape of the law. Themes of addiction and self-worth are touched on throughout the book, which for me really sets a compassionate tone which maybe a lot of Lee Child Jack Reacher books don’t really have.

Final thoughts

Without spoiling the plot for you, I just generally thought this was a good book. It only took me two days to complete it, as most of the last Jack Reacher book series have done. It could have had more action, probably less description of the surroundings but having said that this is what Lee Child does. The ending is again left open for book number 23 (who knows when Lee Child will stop) which I for one am happy about. My only concern would be that as Reacher gets older, Lee Child either has to go backwards doing prequels or turn him into an old guy like The Equalizer

Either of these scenarios don’t really appeal to me or probably most of the Jack Reacher audience. My theory is that maybe within the next two books Lee Child will introduce another character who is younger and works alongside Jack Reacher. This Character will then start to take on the new franchise going forward but bringing in a new generation of readers.

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks so that saying goes but knowing Lee Child books the way that I do, I wouldn’t put it past Lee Child to do a new book series with a woman cast in the main lead!

I’ll leave that thought with you for now………

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  1. After watching Jack Reacher’s movie I read some of the books however this one has a slightly different vibe and that is why I will definitely read it. I really wonder how he will change.

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