I think I have done it. I didn’t know if it was possible. I have finally found a crime thriller book with a fictional character that maybe as good as Jack Reacher. I say maybe as I’m scared. I’m scared that (whispers) it may be a little better. “No” I hear you cry, “shut up”, “stop talking rubbish”, I’m sorry so so sorry but listen up, there could be every possibility that I could be right. After finishing the latest Lee Child novel, I went away on holiday and bought a book to take with me. I had scanned the web (painful) to find anything that could be good and find it I did!

Did you say “Like Jack Reacher”

In our previous post we looked at the books you should read, if you love the Jack Reacher Series. Well, we have found a new series of novels by author Tom Wood which are going to be added to this list. The main character is an assassin known as Victor. A cool, calm and collected person who is a master of his craft. He is again a loner, doesn’t trust anyone and is paid to kill people that have been order to be hit. He operates using a typical skill set of counter surveillance and plastic surgery to make sure he is not known, just in case he is spotted in a CCTV camera. This latest book has Victor working for the British and also being targeted at the same time by bad guys who would do anything to stop him.

Good things in this book?

One of the first things in this book like Jack Reacher is the way that Victor isn’t your typical hero. He like to fight for the underdog as per Reacher, but this is not really a priority for him. He is selfish, really making sure he doesn’t die is his main priority, he will kill anyone if the circumstances dictate. In this book we see how vulnerable he is, as the group who are trying to kill him are every bit as good as he is. This requires Victor to really think at least two steps ahead of them and plan every single move that he makes.

Why is this book like Jack Reacher novels?

The author Tom Wood writes really descriptive plots and provides lots of detail which is just like Lee Child. When you start to read the book you really do immerse yourself into the story line and are left wanting Victor to survive even though in reality he is not a good guy. The fight sequences are absolutely amazing, from bullets through arms to biting off noses (literally), you can imagine every punch, kick and block happening right in front of you. Like Jack Reacher, Victor gets injured, has to think on his feet when things go wrong, always gets the girl and has a sense of justice to his work.

What is the book and where can I get it?


The book I took on holiday that got me into the series is called “A Time to Die” and can be bought on this site see bottom of page. This book is number 6 in the series and there are currently 7 Tom Wood books with another one on the way in July 2018.

Is this book better than Lee Child Jack Reacher Books?

I must admit, I read this book in 1 day on holiday. I was so intrigued to see if Victor would survive and who was actually trying to kill him. Even though Victor is slick, wears expensive clothing but still looks like an average guy, he seemed to have a much more raw character which is what Jack Reacher was like in the earlier series of Lee Child novels. Time will tell if Victor can continue to have the success of Lee Child books but from what I have read over the series so far he is on course to compete.

I can honestly say that the author Tom Wood has really hit the mark with his novels, I now rate him highly as someone who in between Lee Child writing a new Jack Reacher book and me reading the latest Jack Reacher book, I can slot the new Tom Wood book in between.

Buy it here!

6 Replies to “Lee Child Novel Rival – Latest book like Jack Reacher!”

  1. I’ve just read this book, absolutely awesome, thanks for the review it now looks like I’m going to be a Tom Wood fan too

  2. I don’t like reading novels. I hated it from a young age. However , I think I might have to reconsider with this one. Looks like a quality and entertainng novel

    1. Thanks for the comments yes – one of my aims was to get people into reading again, all books on this site are good. We don’t review bad books so feel at ease if you want to grab one and let us know how you get on.


  3. My mom loves Jack Reacher stories. I, personally, have never read them, but the idea of a big guy traveling around, taking out thugs, and just carrying a toothbrush in his pocket has always sounded BA.

    Not sure how she will react to this Victor character ( my mom is 93, which means she’s VERRRRY old school), but I’ll pass on the name Tom Wood to her the next time I wheel her into the library.

    Funny and informative article!

    1. Hi thanks for the comments – seriously if your mom is into Jack Reacher she will definitely love theses books by Tom Wood. Also why not try yourself – you may be surprised by them!!

      thanks again Glenford

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