The latest Lee Child book “Past Tense” has been out for a little whilst now, I don’t think it was Jack Reacher at his best but then I’ve got a lot to compare with as I have read all the Jack Reacher books in order. If you are wanting to do the same then see my list of Jack Reacher books in order HERE.

Is there a new kid on the block?

I’m generally always on the look out for a new character that has similarities to Jack Reacher but also the author must have a good writing style that keeps you interested in the plot, again similar to Lee Child.

This takes me to an author called Mark Greaney. I’ve mentioned his books in another review HERE. Mark Greaney has brought out a character called the Gray Man. The Gray man is an assassin, a person who works in the shadows, no real fixed abode, no friends or family, to most people he is a myth.

Who is the Gray Man?

The Gray Man’s real name is Court Gentry, sent to do jobs that no one else wants to do. An Ex CIA Assassin, he goes in, then achieves his mission, then comes out without anyone knowing. This man is lethal, he somehow always finds a way to win against the odds. He is resourceful and doesn’t seem to have any compassion for his fellow man, go in, kill, let people ask questions later. His use of weaponry is on another level as he doesn’t miss his target. I think even Jack Reacher would have trouble fighting the Gray Man, he uses all the fighting techniques you can think of the only difference between The Gray Man and Jack Reacher is that people worldwide are wanting to kill the Gray Man.

The World of the Gray Man.

As you go through Mark Greaney’s Gray Man series you start to realise that various organizations are conspiring to kill him. He is dangerous and they want to get rid of this asset. When you factor this into the plot, wherever Court Gentry is located, you know that there are other people around him that could be a target. This creates tension and suspense just like a Lee Child Jack Reacher novel. Jack Reacher is similar in that he drifts from one setting to another, not because he is on the run but more that he likes to experience new adventures.

See the world of the Gray Man and what he is up against HERE.

What about the Author?

Lee Child is a brilliant writer, with a unique style. Not many authors can write like him, the scene setting, the fight scenes and the character descriptions make his Jack Reacher books stand out. Mark Greaney is close, he has his own style, each Gray Man book I think contains more action than most Jack Reacher novels and there is always a setting that looks like Court Gentry cannot escape from. There is a high level of detail and description given for each weapon used by the Gray Man. Like Jack Reacher, Court Gentry analyses what steps need to be taken for a mission to succeed but always has numerous back up plans as they both know that everything is capable of changing in at any time. Mark Greaney always starts his books with a set scene, a bit like an entrance trailer for a film, here is the Gray Man and guess what, he is in a tight situation.

What are the books currently out there?

Currently there are 7 books in the Gray Man series. The first book is aptly titled “The Gray Man” and kind of introduces us to Court Gentry. From this first book – you have to read from book one in my opinion, you go on this journey across the world, with various organizations trying to locate Court to end him. Meanwhile, Court is employed to take certain people out and gets double crossed along the way. The order of books is as follows:

1) The Gray Man

2) On Target

3) Ballistic

4) Dead Eye

5) Back Blast

6) Gun Metal Gray

7) Agent in Place

8) Mission Critical


If you are looking for a brilliant series of books that is like the Jack Reacher novels then this is it. Lee Child novels are great, yes we know that, but at one book a year you need something else to fill in your time and this Gray Man series will not disappoint. I would go as far as saying that the Gray Man will become a classic read in the future, which most other books in this genre will be measured to. Some of the torture scenes in the series and clever tracking of our main character are a joy to read.  You are never truly sure if the Gray Man is going to survive.  This is due to the amazing plot and the author’s talent for writing such incredible plots. Jack Reacher may have to move out of the way in the future, the Gray Man is here, book number 8 is on the way – click the picture below to buy now.

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